Monday, September 22, 2008

Soccer Follies

The past few days have been fun (and funny!).

Yesterday was DH's birthday. I gave him his presents the night before, since we were going to be really busy; he got some Family Guy stuff, a new inexpensive watch, and an 8G iPod Touch. Yes, I rule, etc, etc, I know. I thought DH was going to fall off the couch when he pulled THAT one out of the bag! He's been trying to save up for one, but I figured I'd just go ahead and get it. That way, he can use his gc's for all the various paraphanalia that goes along with, plus I'll know what kind of things to get him for Xmas. Besides, he got me a Ring for our 10th anniversary awhile back, and I got him... an archaeology book. Ahem. So, now I feel more evened up.

His actual birthday was spend shuttling to church in the morning, and then to two soccer games, and THEN to dinner with his parents. I have to say, I totally lucked out in the IL department. I may have nothing in common with them, really, but they're so nice, and they honestly love us all. You can't ask for much more than that. I feel especially lucky now that I've been reading about some of the horror shows that some of you out there are dealing with!!

My favorite part, by far, though, was Patrick's soccer game. Josie had one, too, and while I enjoyed it for its fast-paced action, his are just SOOOOO much more amusing!!! There's nothing like watching ten little kids glob around the field trying to kick the same ball. One boy, on the opposing team, didn't seem to grasp the idea that he had a particular goal, so he very aggressively kicked it towards whatever goal he happened to be near. He scored on himself at least once (although they don't count it when that happens, which is good). Three kids got hit in the head during side throw-ins. Patrick got kicked in the finger when he was playing goalie (all the kids were fine). Several kids lost their shoes on-field. One boy trotted off to go pat a dog while he was playing goalie. Patrick decided to leave the field for a drink when he was supposed to be playing center forward. One little sibling kept breaking onto the field to try and play, too. Extra balls from other games rolled in a few times. Meanwhile, all the kids on the field globbed up around the ball like they were velcroed to it, and all I could think of was when you see a catfight in a cartoon, where all you can see is a cloud of dust and flailing hands and feet! It was SO FUNNY! I love watching his games! Also, thankfully, both kids are finally on good teams this year, and while Josie's lost, it was only by one point, and Patrick's team is undefeated so far (he's had two games, she's had one). It will be a relief if we don't have to console anyone after a double-digit loss for awhile.

Unfortunately, poor DH has to work late for the next few days, so the kids and I are basically on our own until Wednesday evening. This will probably be unpopular, particularly since Patrick announced yesterday that he 'basically prefers Daddy'. Punk.


Kristi said...

I love little kid soccer! My friend's son plays, and those games are too funny! I can't believe how many shoes get thrown off while running. lol

Melissa said...

Basically prefers daddy .. cute. LOL

creative kerfuffle said...

too funny about the soccer game and preferring daddy. i think boys go through that, i know mine did/is. and you rock on the present giving! we too have that back and forth thing w/ who got the best present. i have to say, the hubs is usually more extravagant than i am.

Kelsey said...

Kids' sports can be so funny! When I taught first grade there were little kids basketball teams. A team for K-1 and one for 2-3. The K-1 team was hilarious. The kids would try to guard each other and end up tickling each other.

I'm glad you had such a nice day. Way to go with the birthday gift!

Anonymous said...

"prefers Daddy"? Ouch. Well, tell him you prefer to win the lottery, but some things just are not always possible.