Monday, September 29, 2008

Me Suckee Long Time... You No Notice?!!?

Today, I vacuumed the entire house. It took me over an hour, because I had to pick up a ton of crap, and I had to vacuum inside the couch cushions because the house was starting to have that 'dog central' smell. After vacuuming, I sprayed the whole place with Febreeze and leave-in carpet foam. Since we have four entire finished stories, it's a pretty tiring and backbreaking job. I only do it once a week, really, and I usually wash the floors on the main level at the same time, because they get really dirty with the kids and dogs constantly trooping in and out, and if I don't do it at the same time I vacuum, I'll just be making wet gobs of greasy grimy doggy fur. Yum!

I did a lot of other things today, but those were my two crowning achievements.

Did anyone notice that the house smelled more fresh and less foul? I ask you, did anyone comment?!

Take a wild guess.

In fact, at the dinner table, where I finally pointed this out, DH said, 'yeah, that's not the kind of thing you notice, really, except to walk into a room and think it looks nice.' First, thanks a LOT, and second, um, isn't the very fact that you think the room looks nice, and not like an F5 hit it, by definition, Noticing?

My friend Megan and I were talking about women's brains today, and how she had asked her husband what he thought about when he mowed the lawn, expecting a list of things, since she (and every other woman I know) would be thinking about fifteen other things at the same time. What did he say? 'I think about mowing the grass.' So, maybe it's just that men aren't capable of having more than one thought. For instance, DH can't get past Point A, thinking that the room looks nice, to reach Point B, which is that I spent my entire effing day cleaning it?

That having been said, it does look very nice, thank you. I have staved off the tumblepups for yet another week.


Not Your Aunt Bea said...

Preach it, sister! What is it with men and inability to multitask? Wait, no, they can multitask at work and when it comes to sports, but anything having to do with the house and kids, forgettaboutit. And 4 stories! That is a ton of work.

d e v a n said...

Wow - that does sound like a ton of work. My husband can't multi-task either. Thank goodness there's a law against driving and talking on cell phones. Sheesh.

Melissa said...

Me love title long time, Make me laugh hard!

I was expecting something else from this title and was wondering how he wouldn't notice? ..LOL!!

Cherish said...

That kind of cleaning is exactly why I will never own a pet. The four kids are bad enough, really. I spent my entire day yesterday cleaning and unpacking and before bed time the kids had messed it up again. I think it is enough of a struggle just to keep things tidy let alone actually clean and smelling fresh! So much for stupid boy brains, but wouldnt it be nice to only think of one thing at a time?

creative kerfuffle said...

i too loved the title : ) and wtf IS up w/ men and their one-at-a-time thoughts? it's not like you're asking for a gold medal for cleaning but it would be nice for someone to notice. stupid boys.

Kristi said...

i love the title!!! i keep reading it over and over. so funny!

totally irrelevant but my word verification is kidbmxr...ha a kid riding a bmx...okay...i'm officially ridiculous

LoriD said...

Yes! I spent the whole weekend totally cleaning out the kids' rooms. Three rooms scrubbed top to bottom, closets and drawers purged of seasonal and too-small clothes, 4 bags of clothing to Goodwill, books set upright on bookshelves... do you think ANYONE noticed? Nope. Not even when I stand in the doorways drinking in all the order and cleanliness.

Sherry said...

Have you ever tried not cleaning, to see how bad things would get before someone else (besides you) said, "Whoa, this place is a pig sty and we need to do something about it." ?
If you answered no to this question, don't try it. I tried it. I'm ashamed to know what my family is willing to live with so they don't have to pick up a broom or do some dishes.