Friday, September 26, 2008

Grocery Roundup

It's that time you've all been waiting for; The MS's Bi-Weekly Grocery Roundup!

This was close to my best week ever, savings-wise.

This week I:

- used a whopping thirty-six coupons, three of which were for buy-one-get-one-free things (two were for Febreeze at $4.65 each, so I got four bottles of the stuff for the price of two, plus it was on sale, and one was for St. Ives Elements, which was $6.99, so I got a warming face scrub, which is my favorite product by FAR because it makes my skin look amazingly fresh and less wrinkly, I swear, and a new one I haven't tried yet, microderm abrasian scrub, for free)

- bought 113 things

- saved $54.94 in manufacturer's coupons

- saved $3.80 in bonus coupons (these are the store-printed coupons)

- saved $122.25 using the club card/buying things on sale

- redeemed my 20%-off-entire-purchase coupon that I earned with the Purchase Points Bonus program

- earned another 10% off another trip

- earned another $1.40 off each gallon of gas next time I go to their pump (I just had to fill up the other day before going on Josie's field trip, so I had to use my other $1.80 I earned, but I still only paid $27 to fill up the minivan, not too shabby)

The end result of all this was that I saved $180.99, which was FORTY SEVEN PERCENT of my bill!!!! My final bill was $204.91, meaning that on average, I paid less than two dollars for every individual thing in my cart. Woohoo!!!

Since my last trip was so meat-heavy because they were having that fill-a-brown-bag sale, I still have lots of it left over, meaning this trip focused on snacks, dry goods, dog treats, and household cleaners. Since I had several about-to-expire coupons, I bought more dog stuff in particular than I needed, but all of it was also on sale, and it keeps forever. I like to alternate trips that way, buying meats one time and dry goods another, so I never have to get two expensive categories at once, but sometimes that works out and sometimes it doesn't.


clueless but hopeful mama said...

You are my hero. No kidding.

Will you come shopping with me and hold my hand!?

creative kerfuffle said...

i sweat to all that is holy you should totally write a how to shopping guide. a spiral bound little book that we could take to the grocery store w/ us. you never cease to amaze me with your shopping trips. (picture me, bowing to your awesome shoppingness)

Kristi said...

Oh, Teach me wise one! I will be your grass hopper.

Marie Green said...

Wow, I'm stunned. Awesome job!

d e v a n said...

Seriously, that's amazing. I saved $7 yesterday at the store and I was all excited. *blush*

LoriD said...

Well done! I love reading things like this. More posts like this, please!

I'm actually a pretty good shopper too (my grocery bill for a family of 5 is never over $80/week). The one thing we don't have a lot of here are coupons. I use them when I find them, but I'm lucky if I can use one per shopping trip.

Cherish said...

i just dont understand how you organize all of this? I never see coupons around here so all I ever do is try to buy what is on sale each particular week. Teach me please!

Anonymous said...

This is more thrilling to me than I should admit. Damn, I am in awe.

Heidi Ashworth said...

Compelling stuff! Found you on the annex . . .