Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Why Do We Pay These People, Again?

I took Patrick to school this morning, figuring that he did well yesterday, and there was no need for him to sit around here if he didn't have to. I brought all the appropriate forms, plus a baggie that I had put some kids' chewable Tylenol, with a note from me that he could have some at noon. I walked him and all his paperwork and medicine into the school, and stopped in the office while he continued on to class.

The nurse said he can't have Tylenol in his backpack at school. Duh, that's why I was in her office handing it to HER. (I explained that a little nicer when I was there in person.)

Nope. He can't have anything unless there's a note from the doctor, saying exactly how many I should bring in, and the original container, with exactly that amount in it. Not even for non-prescription items. The prescription won't due, either - I have to take a special form to the doctor, and have them fill it out, and bring THAT in. I, myself, can come in and give it to him, and as she told me, that really would be easier.

The only thing she can give him is ice. That's it. That, and call the house.

Why do we pay this person to be there all day? At the very least, they should combine her position with the secretary or something, becasue if all she does is hand out ice and the occasional doctor-form medicine to kids with ADD or something, hello, she's not doing much in there all day. Hell, *I* could sit in there and hand out ice and make phone calls.

I know it's not really her fault, it's the school system, but what the fark is wrong with the world when I can't drop off a NOTE and also personally tell someone to give my kid two chewables at noon? Sheesh. So, I'll be going in there for Josie's class anyway at 1pm, and I'll bring them with me then.

One good note - yesterday at tball, one of the other parents stepped up and said that he'd coach the team, so DH won't have to do it anymore. Patrick doesn't seem too upset about the whole baseball thing, which is good, too. I think it helped that it was NINETY THREE FREAKING DEGREES here yesterday, and really that's just too hot for baseball when you're...well, when you're anyone, in my opinion!!!


d e v a n said...

How annoying. Schools are VERY cautious about any drugs these days. We had the same kind of policy when I was teaching and it does seem a little much.

Rebecca said...

That is SO annoying!

Hotch Potchery said...

I understand that the school board's are trying to ensure that kids aren't over medicated...but when you keep them home so they aren't in pain, they don't like that either. YIKES.

Not Your Aunt Bea said...

The schools are really bad about that stuff. At least he isn't asthmatic or diabetic because those kids need to keep drugs at hand and often can't. And a lot of the time the school nurse can't get there in time or worse, doesn't do the right thing. I am always surprised by how many times I have seen a kid walk in from school when they should have been sent via EMS and the paperwork the school makes parents get filled out. I had to talk to a school nurse on the phone the other day and she was just impossible. Sigh. At least you are going to be there to keep him pain-free.

Anonymous said...

Wow, this was an eye opener for me. I had no idea policies were that strict. Holy crap!

creative kerfuffle said...

what a pain in the butt! srsly i like your idea of combining that job w/ a secretary's job. our schools here are laying teachers off and i really think they could combine other duties instead. at our elem school though they have parent volunteers man the "health room." so at least here we aren't paying anyone to do that.

Kristi said...

That is so weird. I had no idea schools were that strict.

I'm glad your husband doesn't have to coach the team anymore. That would be annoying to me if my kid couldn't even play.

Kelsey said...

We have to jump through MAJOR hoops to get Harper's epi pens allowed at school. Especially because they have to be with her all day long. In an anaphylactic emergency there is no time for running down the hall to the nurse's office and digging for keys.

I'm so glad someone else stepped up to coach - that must be a relief for both you and hubby!

Susiewearsthepants said...

It's the same with the school systems here in TN. You have to fill out a form giving the school permission to administer Tylenol. If you bring in medicine, it has to be in the original container, with their name on it. A few years ago, my daughter Melissa was EXPELLED from school because she some OTC medicine for cramps or something in her purse and gave it one of her friends. What a joke.