Tuesday, April 7, 2009

'Hey, Where Are You Going With Those Woods?!'

That's what Patrick yelled at DH tonight as we took his loft bed down in preparation for the buyer picking it up tomorrow night - Dh was in the process of carrying the wooden slats that go under the mattress downstairs. I'm still laughing!!!! All I could picture was DH as Paul Bunyan or something, stomping through the house with about fifteen trees slung over his shoulder!

Patrick doesn't know this, but we have bought him a new bed. The loft bed that he's been using since his second birthday is getting small for him, and with the way his room is configured in this new house the slide doesn't really fit, anyway. It was still working out OK, though, until a few weeks ago he suddenly announced that he wanted to sleep on the floor. Not on the mattress on the floor, just on the floor. He looked like a little homeless person sleeping on the carpet, curled up under his pirate comforter with his little pillow! I would go into his room in the morning and practucally trip on him. It took me a long time to get out of him what had changed, and guess what it was. Go on, I'll wait.


He wants the dogs to sleep with him like they do with me and occasionally Josie. The poor thing has been sleeping on the floor in the hopes that a dog would wander into the room and sleep with him, while the whole time his door has been shut all night, and hello, the dogs are sleeping on a bed so they're not going to trade it in to sleep on the floor, anyway! They're no fools. Had I known what he was looking for, I would have opened his door at night, when I went up to bed, and ushered one of the beasts into his room!!

So, this past week I went to Wolf Furniture, having been bribed there by their bait-and-switch ad I got in the mail. It was a coupon where you scratch off a thing that will show you what percent you can take off of an item in the store. I got 50%, so I was ready to Save (you all know how I love a coupon!), big time. Yeah, no. The trick was, everything in the store was already on sale, and you couldn't use it on anything that was already marked down. Oh, sure, I could use the coupon to take it off of the regular price, but that would be more, anyway. On the one hand, I still got a good deal, but on the other, why bother with the coupon? Why not just advertise a huge sale and not waste the trees?! Argh. Anyway, I got a plain pine captain's bed, with a headboard, footboard, and a chest below it with four drawers and a cabinet space. I'm kind of hoping to be able to use that as his dresser so we can take the one he currently has out, and later we can put a desk in there for him. We'll see about that - he may still need the space.

He's going to my SIL Jen's house Th-Sat, and while he's gone we'll put the whole thing together. Then, his first night home, I'll try to get one of the dogs to sleep with him. It may not work right away, since Baci is practically umbilicalled (is that a word? it is now) to me, and I don't trust Delilah to be on a bed she can jump off of in the middle of the night, with all those yummy toys, and the ability to pee on the floor if she can get down. At least with our bed, she's afraid to jump down, and she won't pee on the bed, so we're safe from Ocean's Delilah until morning.

Also on the Patrick front, it seems that he has not escaped the asthma curse I seem to have bestowed on my kids. Josie has grown out of it, but I finally took the boy to the doctor today because I *knew* his cough sounded funny. Sigh. A doctor's visit co-pay and $65 at the pharmacy later, we have enough inhaler meds to take him to the end of the school year, which is when he can stop. He's such a trooper.


Not Your Aunt Bea said...

Aw...he just wanted some doggie love. I think he will love his bed- what a great surprise!

Cherish said...

I'll never understand why kids dont think to communicate such things to their parents! We always have to do such detective work and then feel bad because we didnt know.

Chantal said...

New beds are fun. Hope he likes it.

Kristi said...

He wanted to sleep with a dog! How cute. Kaeli went through a weird phase where I found here on the floor every single night. Her only reason was "because it's fun".

creative kerfuffle said...

i love the title and love that he slept on the floor to be w/ the dogs. sweet. show pics of the new bed--it sounds cool! and that bait and switch thing totally sucks!

Hotch Potchery said...

When I was a kid all I wanted was for our dogs to sleep with me. Nope, only wanted my mom. Now I am the mom, and I have all the doggie sleeping pals I can handle! What a great surprise for Patrick.