Thursday, April 23, 2009


Here are some random thoughts for your perusal and enjoyment:

1. I had to take Patrick to the doctor again yesterday, because he cough STILL hadn't gone away with the albuterol and flovent inhalers, after two weeks and an increased dosage. So, now he's on a liquid steroid for the next few days, on a decreasing dosage. I hate Hate HATE giving him all this medicine. I know, it's for his health, but I can't help but feeling that I'm pouring all these chemicals into his skinny little body and turning his system into some kind of Drug Soup. I'm the kind of person who avoids taking things most of the time, and I won't even give the kids Tylenol for a fever unless it's a pretty serious situation, because I believe in letting the body do its own work. I know that his coughing means that his body needs help, but all this stuff.... sigh.

2. I am SO into the HBO show, In Treatment, and I'm pissed now that I've caught up on season 2 so now I have to wait for new shows to come out like everyone else. We've been watching a few a night to catch up, since we missed the first week and a half or so, which then put us behind on week three, which we finally finished last night. Damn!!! It is SO ENGROSSING. Plus, I have a huge thing for Gabriel Byrne; ever since he played Friedrich on Little Women, I've been hooked. (Also, damn that Winona Ryder, who has gotten to kiss everyone from Gabriel to Johnny Depp!!!! WTF?!) For those of you who don't watch, Byrne plays a therapist, and each of the five shows that air per week follows one of four patients, plus a show where Byrne interacts with his own therapist. Each show is one entire session with one of the four patients. My favorite patients are April, a young woman who has cancer but can't bring herself to tell anyone or get any help for it, and Oscar and his parents, who are going through a nasty, nasty divorce. The others are good, too, but they're my favorites.

3. I got a new cell phone!!!! It's the Samsung Rant, and I loooovvveee it!!!!! It has a full slide-out keyboard, so I can text a LOT easier, and a ton of great functions. I can basically run my life with this thing. Plus, it's bright red!

4. The C25K thing isn't going so well. In fact, exercising in general isn't going so well. I have been so busy lately that either I literally haven't had time to do it, or when I do I'm so exhausted from everything else that I can't. Seriously, every time I have set aside time to do it, something happens, like the phone rings and it's a problem, or a new event pops up that I have to deal with, or it's time to go to the school, or someone has grown out of all their pants somehow overnight and I have to use my free hour to run to the store and get more to prevent mass nakedness. I also discovered that running outside is WAY harder than running on my treadmill, and hurts my shins more, but it *is* more interesting. I'm going to keep trying.

5. There's still time for those of you who have been thinking about joining the book club and haven't - this month's book, The Book Thief, is one of the best I've ever read, and it goes quickly because of that. It's about a young girl, Leisel, who is adopted by an impoverished german family as Hitler is rising to power, and is told by Death, who first meets Leisel when her brother dies on the train to meet their adoptive parents. He narrates the story, and gives side-tidbits on the world around them to the readers, but in a very compassionate yet worldly way. It's beautiful, and I can't wait to hear what other people have thought. On Amazon, it's had over 500 reviews, and is still at almost five stars.


AndreAnna said...

1) Poor guy. I, too, am not into meds at all. Except for pain. Fevers, viruses, etc., they all need to run their course and let the body work. But, like you said, you don't mess with a long-term persistent cough. I hope he gets better soon.

2) Running outside is WAY harder. I was actually only running outside and then last night I ran on the treadmill for the first time since starting the program and felt like a superstar! LOL

3) I'm starting that book tonight and plan to finish it next week while Mike is away on business and I'm forbidden to watch any of our shows. Looking forward to it!

Kristi said...

I hope Patrick feels better soon. Kaeli has a cough right now, that I'm hoping goes away quickly.

I agree that running outside is super hard. I'm a treadmill girl all the way. I've been doing the C25K thing too. I fell a week behing though because of a crazy awful cold. I'm just starting week 3.

Chantal said...

I hate giving my kids meds too, I hope this works for him.

I have never seen that show but now that you talk about it I just may have to get my hands on it.

I do agree, running outside is harder. I find that I can jack up my speed on the treadmill, when i run outside I have to MOTIVATE myself to run faster. I am not as fast a runner outside as a result :)

I am over half way through the Book Thief and loving it. I am also looking forward to the discussion. I will be away on vacation on May1 so I may be a day or two late with my 2 cents.

clueless but hopeful mama said...

1. So sorry about Patrick. Hope the drugs work quickly so he can get off of them soon!

2. I just had a crazy sex dream starring Gabriel Byrne. That voice! OMG.

5. Want to read Book Thief. Really do. Will put on list. After I take a nap.....

Rebecca said...

Ohhh I'm jealous on the new cell phone. Mine was stolen a while back and I'm using dh's old one until I'm not too cheap to get a new one. Blah! But Yay for you cause new phones are fun!

I hope Patrick feels better really soon! I know all too well how hard it is on Mommy when they are sick. :(

Hotch Potchery said...

I may have to check out inTreatment. I watched the other HBO show about the couples that were all in therapy...pretty interesting stuff.

You asked me about motivation on a comment a few posts ago, and to be honest, my motivation came when Mr. P bought me, in his words, "the biggest pants they had at Target" and they still DIDN'T fit. I knew at that point,that I had let things get out of control. I am not motivated every day, but luckily I am motivated more days than not...but that has come over time.

Thanks for the kind words on my pups. I agree, my home in heaven will be packed with critters...there is even a gerbil I wouldn't mind reconnecting with.

creative kerfuffle said...

i haven't watched this round of in treatment but i caught bits and pieces of it last year. i heart gabriel too and now i hate winona more since you brought that up. i loved him in usual suspects--THAT was an awesome movie!
and, i think i'm the only person in the blogosphere who does not jog/run.