Thursday, April 16, 2009

Dilemma - Good Mommy, or Sane Mommy?

The fourth grade at Josie's school is going on a trip to Annapolis in May. It's a 2hr bus ride away, (they'll be taking school busses, I believe) and extends from 7:30am until 5pm. They'll be walking all over creation down there, to the Naval Academy, the capitol, and going on a boat ride.

They need chaperones.

Josie, of course, wants me to go. So do several of the kids in the class.

DH said he can probably take the day off, or at least go in late, since if I went, someone would have to be with Patrick until he can go to school at 8. I could probably find someone he could go home with at the end of the day.

The thing is, I think I might die if I go. Or at least end up with The Migraine To End All Migraines. I cannot imagine that level of insanity, for that amount of time, in the weather of Maryland in May. It could be anywhere from 60 degrees up to 105 (as it was the day Josie was born, May 15th). A literal BOATLOAD of fourth graders?! Also, the trip is $10 for the students, but $16 for the adults, so I would not only get to pay for the pleasure of going, but pay EXTRA. I can think of approximately A BILLION things I could do that day that don't involve massive amounts of Tylenol.

I love my baby, and I like the kids in her class, on an individual basis.

A good mommy would go, I think.

Am I a good mommy?

I don't know.

Are you?


AndreAnna said...

Well, what if you agree to go on this one but no others this year? Or skip this one and promise to do the next one? Personally it sounds like agony but that's what we do for our kids. But only ONCE a year. Plus I hear the navy men down there are well worth the trip. Mmmm eye candy in uniform.

LoriD said...

This bad mommy had never gone on a school trip with my kids. I use the working excuse, but the truth is that I find other peoples' kids really annoying. The bus ride with all those little darlings would kill me. I always think the parents of the worst kids in the class should be made to go on the trips, that way no one else has to be burdened with those brats.

Rebecca said...

Well... whether you go or not you are a good mommy!

I don't know it sounds like a LONG day!

d e v a n said...

I think it sounds like fun. lol
Go or not - you'll still be a good mom!

Kristi said...

I went to the zoo with Kaeli's class this year and was in agony the entire time. It only lasted until 2, and I didn't have to ride the bus. I'm even dreading the fact that I volunteered for Field Day.

You go to the class like every week, right? I think you've met your volunteer reqirement for the year. Maybe even the next 5 years!!

Is it possible to wait it out? If it's just before the trip, and they don't have enough volunteers, then go. If there are enough, then your free, right?

Chantal said...

this spring I chaperoned a walk-a-thon with my sons grade 2 class. I didn't have to go on a bus but I did have to make sure all the kids came back and in one piece. It was a bit overwhelming (and the wonderful teacher decided I deserved to have all 5 boys from D's class in my group, there are only 5 boys and 14 girls). I can't even imagine 4 hours on a bus and a strange city. But then your daughter is older than my son.

Melissa said...

I just have to say how thankful I am of other bloggers with older children to learn from before my little rugrat gets old enough for me to think about these things. .. lol, I'll already be prepared and ready!! LOL :D

THANKS!! ,.. and Good luck on deciding/and/or/the trip if you go. :)

Other than all that above, the one thing I always think about is, one day of pain for a lifetime of memory for her ;)

Melissa said...

My quote I just realized can go for giving birth too!! LOL

Kelsey said...

I'm not sure I can help here - I agree that you're a good mommy either way. I kind of find myself wishing that one of us didn't have to attend field trips, but with Harper's allergies there is rarely a place we're willing to send her without my husband or I present... maybe this will change as she gets older?

If you really think you'll hate every moment of it then I think there is nothing wrong with declining! Josie will still love you.

desperate housewife said...

Hmm. It actually sounds like it COULD be fun to me. But it would depend entirely on which kids you got stuck with. It could also be the worst day of your life.
So, uh, I'm of no help, clearly.

Stimey said...

I'm glad my kids just go to the zoo. And I'm trying to figure out how to get out of that.

Anonymous said...

They actually make you pay extra for yourself? Thats a bummer! At the schools where I worked, they used the same funds that pay for the teachers' admissions to also pay for the parent volunteers!
Don't know if you should or shouldn't go... If you go, you might enjoy it and be surprised... or you might end up with a giant headache. (Bring lots of Tylenol!)

Swistle said...

Ha ha ha! No.

I think that if the school wants unpaid helpers, they should at LEAST not require the unpaid helpers TO PAY.

creative kerfuffle said...

first you are totally a wonderful mom. you are always in the classroom, always baking stuff for school, always DOING things for/with your kids. second i guess it would depend on how badly josie wants you to go. sometimes you just can't do it all. and i think after next week (me, going on a 9 hr bus trip to huntsville ala. for space camp w/ girl's 6th grade class wed-fri) i should get like the best mom in the whole freakin' universe award. and paying? yes. we had to shell out a butt load (they were nice and let us do it in installments) for the girl and me.

Hotch Potchery said...

NOPE. I suck. I went on one field trip per kid, and I told them to use it wisely. I went to an art museum with the college kid, and I took her off alone to show her a painting she wanted to see, and I got yelled at. I went to see The Alamo (the movie) and a pizza place with the highschool kid when he was in 6th grade. UGH. Brutal.