Friday, January 23, 2009

Seriously? SUCK.

OK, this suckiness is getting out of control.

This morning seemed like it was going to be fine. Patrick was actually half-dressed when I got up, and was an angel this morning. Josie was great too.

It all started when I actually walked out the door. I let Baci come with us, but made Tyler stay at home. He fell three times yesterday - twice while trying to get into the car, and once going down the stairs - and I no longer feel comfortable allowing him to jump up into the car. So, I felt like shit making him stay at home, because while his body isn't really able, his mind is ALL ABOUT going places. He looked SO betrayed, and it's killing me. DH and I talked about this last night, and I said that I think it may be time to talk to the vet about... you know. I'm so worried that he's going to hurt himself irreparably around the house, because getting him to the car and to the vet would be impossible to do without hurting him further (he's 65lbs), or God forbid, what if I wasn't here and he fell on the stairs. Plus, he's so unhappy being stuck at the house all the time, watching Baci get taken everywhere... I hate to do it while he still seems so perky in most ways still, but then again, I don't want to wait until he's really unhappy, either... and also, I kinda just want to get it over with. It's looming over me like... well, like the spectre of death. Ugh. Any opinions on that out there? When is too early to usher your pet into the Great Beyond? We waited until his brother 'told' us a few years back, and I will always kick myself, because by the time we were sure, the vet didn't have an opening until Monday, and he suffered for a whole weekend.

I digress. I allowed Baci to come with us, and after dropping off the kids, we came back home, only to have Baci gallop joyously off to greet the high schoolers who walk to the bus stop near the house. I (and several helpful students) spent a good fifteen minutes trying to catch him as he dashed all over the place to avoid us, dancing just close enough and then sprinting off. Meanwhile, cars, school busses, etc were all going by, and I was sure I was going to see him get hit. ARGH.

I dragged him back to the house and took off my infected-finger bandaid. I got out a mug to make hot salt water in, and somehow dropped it into the porcelain sink and broke it. Nice.

After soaking my finger for awhile, I read my email. There was an email from Josie's teacher, thanking me for coming yesterday, and telling me that there would be a slight change of schedule next week. Now, I appreciate that there's a change here, but to be honest, I feel her tone was a little too... effusive. She was being sarcastic, in a way that I could never prove, but still know to be true. Nice.

I hopped into the car to meet a friend for breakfast. We've been trying to do this for weeks now, and for one reason or other, haven't been able to. I waited at Panera for an hour. She didn't show up.

I gave up and went shopping. I got a bunch of stuff from Home Depot so I can plant my seeds, whenever they arrive, and a new shower corner tower thing that looks like it might keep the giant shampoo bottles from sliding off their shelves and slamming onto my toes. That would be nice. When I got home, there was an email from my friend saying that she hoped I hadn't gone to Panera (why wouldn't I have gone? I said I would go just yesterday!), because she has the flu, and that's why her husband brought their daughter to choir last night. Um, why didn't he tell me, then? Why didn't someone call me?! ARGH!!!!!!! I could have stayed home in my pjs all day!!! Sigh.

Finally, the coup de gras, this is a three-paycheck month for DH. Guess what? His windshield has a big ol' crack in it, and the electric bill for Dec was $350 (so much for the more expensive lights saving us some money, huh?).

It's a good thing I'm out of Starbucks liquour, because otherwise I'd be SO drunk right now.

(note: as I was finishing writing this, the HD radio I got for sponsoring NPR came while I was writing this, so maybe things are going to look up a little?!)

Sigh. So, anyhoo, there we are. Crap-a-docious. Crap-a-doodle-doo.


d e v a n said...

Well, SUCK is right.
Your friend could have called or emailed, how rude!
Sorry about the dog. :( I'd see what the vet says and go from there.

Anonymous said...

Yuck. I hate days like that. If your friend could call to say she hoped you didn't go, why couldn't she call to cancel? And I feel sad about your dog. Those decisions are SO hard, and it is so sad to say goodbye. I hope tomorrow is better...

Not Your Aunt Bea said...

Makes me wonder what Josie's teacher is up to... And your friend totally could've called and told you not to come. She knows you'd be up getting kids ready for school! Sorry about your dog. Those decisions are so hard.

Swistle said...

I don't know about the pet thing, and have been wondering about it myself. We have one cat who's increasingly asthmatic and arthritic, and I've been wondering when Quality of Life is...well, when it's too poor that I feel like I can make a decision. One problem is that our vet is more like, "This is the time to start ordering expensive tests and doing expensive procedures and taking expensive medications and seeing him every 3 months!"---while I'm more like, "He is a housecat. Life is precious,"

Susiewearsthepants said...

Sounds like a LOVELY day! (Insert sarcasm here) Every time I get an extra paycheck, it seems there is always some expense to suck it up. Guess that's just how we roll.

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry about the pooch. We have lived on the fine line between ending the life too soon vs. making the poor thing suffer needlessly. My theory is that pets should come with a pop up button like a turkey and when the life quality is done, the button pops up and you know it's time to take them in.

creative kerfuffle said...

ooo, i'm sorry about the dog. it is a horrible decision to have to make. and really? you just have to do what you think is right for them and what you can handle.