Friday, January 16, 2009

Grocery Roundup Report: January 16th, and Apology

First off, I want to apologize profusely to everyone that somehow was omitted from my blogroll for the last week. I don't know WTF happened!!! I used auto-add from Google reader, and everyone should have been on there, but almost every other blog was gone!!! I was so frustrated by the time I was done messing with the new layout that I didn't go back and check that everything was perfect, and that's what I get. Sheesh!!

Anyhoo, this week's grocery roundup is a little disappointing. The coupons have been really, really scarce because of the holidays. For those of you who don't cut them, or get a paper, for some godforesaken reason, papers don't include coupon inserts on weeks where there's a holiday, so the last three weeks have been really touch and go - I think I've gotten one insert since before Christmas, so it was slim pickin's today when I went to get them out. I mostly had to rely on store sales this week, which weren't really stellar. This tells me that I need to get online and print out some coupons before I go again to build up my stockpiles.

The good news is, I haven't gone to the grocery store since Christmas Eve Day! It turned out that I had managed to stock up enough at sales in the last couple of months that I just really didn't need to go for anything other than milk, etc, in almost four weeks! Woohoo! AND, I'm hopeful that I'm in the same position after today's trip, because it was Meat Sale week - 20% off of all the meat you can stuff into the paper bag. So, once again I'm totally full-up on meat, and probably won't need to buy any more until the next sale like that.

Total Items Purchased: 153
Total Spent: $375.16
Coupons Used: 23
Coupon Savings: $19.55
Bonus (Doubled) Coupons: $4.50
Club Card Savings: $51.61
Total Saved: $75.66
Percent Saved: 16%
Gas points earned: $.80 per gallon off

I think this is the lowest percentage I've saved in the history of my keeping track. I think that the stores are definitely feeling the economic pinch, too, because most of their 'sales' are $.20 off or so. (Incidentally, I've noticed that Target's 'sales' stickers on the shelves at the stores are sometimes only a savings of - literally - pennies. They're just to trick us into *thinking* there's a sale, when really it's only $.05 off. I've seen that even on some 'clearance' stickers. Jerks.) I'm hoping that the lack of sale prices was more a factor of the big meat sale than anything else. Currently, they're making a big deal about holding a 'price freeze' for the next 90 days, guaranteeing that nothing will go up. If they think that's a replacement for a sale, um, IT'S NOT. Also, the store has stopped its double gas savings, and is back to $.10 off a gallon per $50 spent. Oh, well. That's still twice the other store in town.


Anonymous said...

I've noticed that a lot at Target lately, too. The sale price will be $11.96 and the regular price was $11.99. Oooooohhh, thanks for your generosity.

creative kerfuffle said...

you'd think it would be worth the cost of them paying someone to reprice stuff just for that little bit of mark down. it has to be a psychological game they're playing w/ us. make us "think" it's on sale and cheaper therefore making us buy something we might not have w/out the "sale."
we got the paper last weekend and i looked through the coupons and bleh, not much of anything i use. and i'm sooo glad to be back on the roll : )

creative kerfuffle said...

i mean *wouldn't* be worth the cost...gah, can't type tonight.

Not Your Aunt Bea said...

I've seen that at Target too and it makes me crazy. Come on! For Target, it better be dollars off, not cents!

And grocery prices are still going up here. Even with my coupon use (I've been getting approx. $25 off a $125 weekly bill) it is still outrageous. We're trying a no grocery store shopping week next week to clear the pantry and eat whatever is in there so I can stockpile some coupons and scout out some sales. Didn't know about the online coupons, thanks!

Cherish said...

Things are pretty pathetic around here too. The only good thing that I found this week when I went shopping was that all of the organic things were only slightly more expensive than the regulr ones. It is probably because the prices for the regular items have gone up and now more closely match the expensive organics. Ugh! Whatever it is it sucks, but at least Im getting more organics into our diet.