Saturday, January 10, 2009

Title? We Don't Need No Stinking Title!

Get this: the kids are in bed, the dogs have both gone upstairs to lay on my bed, the cat is here being ... cattishly QUIET, and since we had the fireplace repair guy come and show us how to work our gas fireplace / do an inspection on it, I have a beautiful fire going. AND - DH is out for the evening at Man Poker. I have the Symphonic station playing on the TV. OH, and my new addiction is steaming ever-so-seductively by my side - coffee spiked with Starbucks Cream Liqueur. (There's a slight chance I may be becoming an alcoholic, because this is the best stuff ever invented.)

Today we took down the tree and put away the things that were largeish and bulkyish and I didn't put away during the week. It's funny how things all start to blend into the scenery, though, because there's a huge red and green basket in the living room full of Christmas toys (Charlie Brown and Rudolph characters, Little People Santa and sleigh with eight, etc), and there it still sits, even after I swept the entire house not once but Twice. Oh, well.

I took Josie to her competitive book club meeting this morning, and was again harrassed by one of the moms who runs the team to take out the kids on the team from class to work with them when I go into the school during the week. First of all, I already explained to her daughter, whom she had ask me first right after the first meeting, that I can't focus solely on kids on an outside-of-school club. Second, hello, I'm there mostly to help kids who need help. I mean, I do take other kids, and have been trying to rotate everyone through at some point, but really, children who are in a reading competition don't need EXTRA help that they have obviously been getting at home for years. Today when she called me out in front of everyone to ask me again to do it, I politely turned her down flat, and told her that there are kids who can't read and that I have to help them first, and she got kind of huffy, saying that she's a 7th grade math teacher and has kids who can't multiply. Well, then, good morning, she should see my point. Not to mention, there are only two kids on the team that are in Josie's class, anyway, and the other one is HER OWN KID, so.... sheesh!

Speaking of, I went to Borders today and chose 'Stink and the World's Worst Super-Stinky Sneakers', by Megan McDonald, to read with T. Stink is Judy Moody's little brother. Josie said that she's read the book, and it's a lot easier than regular books, but is still not embarrassingly so. I'm nervous to go in with it, because what if he thinks it sucks or that I'm a freak or something for getting it for him, but on the other hand, it will be so much more accessible for him. The words are a little larger, the lines more widely spaced, and the words are above Junie B. Jones but below Judy Moody. All in all, it looks a lot less intimidating than his current book, but is still about boy stuff. I hope he likes it.

I love that Josie has been part of this. She knows what I'm doing, and why, but understands completely that she's not to speak of more adult issues that I may discuss with her with anyone but me, and has always been able to keep that promise. I love that she thinks nothing of helping me find a book for a kid that she doesn't even really enjoy, but understands needs help. She's a great, great kid. (brag, brag, brag)

In response to requests, the pattern I used for the carseat buntings was Simplicity 3712. It lists for $15 on the site, but for heaven's sake get it at Joanne's at a sale!! I only paid $1 for it on Veteran's Day during their 10/$10 deal.

Last, but absolutely not least, I want to shout out to Devan for hooking up with my private charity challenge! She, too, has donated a flock of chicks to hungry people!!!! You rock, girl! Anyone else who steps up and gives to Heifer, post or send me an email if you want to be all Anon about it, and I'll add you to the Reader Donor Ticker I'm creating on the sidebar!


d e v a n said...

Aw, shucks. Thanks.

I think he'll love the book. You're doing a really nice thing and that other mother? Should be ASHAMED for trying to embarrass you!

Not Your Aunt Bea said...

Really, as a teacher, that mother should be ashamed of herself. And if she has kids that can't multiply, maybe she needs a wonderful volunteer parent to help out in her classroom too.

And how wonderful of Josie to not only have picked out a fun book, but also realize the situation and understand how sensitive it is. She sounds like a good kid.

Not Your Aunt Bea said...

AND I like your new layout! Can't comment without writing that too!

Cherish said...

I love the new layout! Josie sounds like a terrific kid and Im a bit jealous of the relationship that you have with her :P

I hope that little boy likes his gift!

Anonymous said...

Pretty new look!

I already decided after the gorge-fest that was Xmas, that our family is giving to Heifer next year for Xmas rather than buy presents for the adults. I'm excited.

creative kerfuffle said...

what up? i can't see the new look? did you change it back? and, josie is a magnificent kid. even though she doesn't particularly like the kid she knows you're helping him and is cool w/ keeping it quiet etc. that's awesome.
and what is up w/ the teacher's there? srsly?

Hotch Potchery said...

Hi there. I come by way of CK this evening, and just had to ask what a competitive reading club was. Sounds interesting!