Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Patrick and The Big S-I-X

Today my little Beeb (short for beebee / baby) is six. My boy is SIX!

Oh, how did this happen?!? I don't remember anyone asking me, or signing any forms, or even remotely thinking that I would like a Larger Boy, Please. No, I was perfectly happy with my Baby Man. He was cuddly, and sweet, and funny. This newer model is, well, shall we say, Less So. This new model loves me, but is distinctly pushing me away. He needs me, but is determined to make his own decisions and go his own way. He does not want to hold my hand in the parking lot. He prefers his Daddy.

But, this new model does have upgrades. He plays games like a big kid, can almost ride a bike without training wheels, and reads like the wind. He is funny, and is developing a much more sophisticated understanding of humor (although fart jokes are still IT around here). He understands other children and cares about their feelings, and isn't afraid to point out when something is wrong or mean. The word 'Mine' has left his vocabulary; he is excited to share everything he has, and every child he meets on the street is invited to come over to play.

The best upgrade of all is his ability to write little notes to everyone. We all routinely get sticky notes with 'I love you' on them, and he makes signs to put on the front door to invite people in, 'especially my friend Beau who if you are him come in right now'.

Oh, I love you, my silly pickle.

This afternoon, I will bring homemade s'mores treats to school. I used individual Hershey bars, which are the exact size of 1/4 of a graham cracker, and marshmallow fluff for the inside, and then dipping chocolate to spread on top so I could sprinkle confetti on top:

Tonight, we will go out for dinner wherever he wants to go, and then to a place up here where kids can build their own remote control cars - kind of like build-a-bear for big kids. This weekend, family will come up for some cake, and his cousin will be staying with us until Monday. On Sunday, we're taking the two of them and two of his friends to the movies, and then on Monday we'll meet back up with my SIL and little niece at the indoor water part we were at a couple of weeks ago to trade back my nephew. It's going to be a great few days! We decided not to do a party this year, partly because we didn't do one for Josie (who chose to go to Hershey with her friend for the day instead), and partly because, seriously, ugh. We end up inviting all these kids, when really even at a party he'd spend most of his time with the two boys we're taking to the movies, anyway. Plus, where we live now, the selection of party places is really, really limited, and if you think I'm having a ton of 6yr old boys crammed into my house in JANUARY, well, you obviously need therapy.


Kristi said...

OMG, Astarte. My sister went to the build your own remote control car place for her birthday yesterday! What if y'all are like neighbors, and we don't even know it? Freaky.

Anyway, Happy Birthday to Patrick. I love that he leaves notes to everyone! So cute.

I was totally bummed when Kaeli turned six because she could no longer hold up one hand to tell her age, but it has been the most fun age yet!

I do think we should be consulted before our kids are allowed to get older, though. I would have really loved a little more time at the 10 months stage!

And I'm so totally making those s'more things this weekend. Delicious!!

AndreAnna said...

Happy Birthday Patrick!

LoriD said...

He seems like such a happy little guy. Happy birthday Patrick!

Sue @ My Party of 6 said...

Awww! Happy Birthday!!!

Cherish said...

Happy Birthday Partick!! It sounds like he'll ba having a fantastic couple of days. Enjoy!

Marie Green said...

Oooo, Happy Birthday Patrick. My twins will be 6 next week. Didn't realize they were so close in age.

d e v a n said...

2 - Those look YUMMY!

creative kerfuffle said...

happy bday to patrick! i love all the pics, especially the one of him and josie : ) too sweet. and i want to eat all those smores.
the girl's bday is sat. and we have a weekend of stuff planned too. though mine involves a sleepover. w/ 12 yr old girls. what was i thinking????

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry I'm late, but Happy Birthday, Patrick!!

Those pictures are so adorable!