Thursday, January 15, 2009

Marginal Reprieve

I won't be going in to the school today after all, because it's canceled due to 'weather'. Can I tell you that there's not even an inch of snow on the ground?!?! WTF?!?!

On the one hand, I'm glad to not have to go in. Actually, now I won't be in there until next Thursday, since the schools are closed M-T next week. By then, she will definitely have read The Letter. On the other hand, one can only hope that maybe by then she will have quit, run away, been reassigned, fired, or simply imploded. On the other hand, I would kind of liked to have gotten it over with. Now I can look forward to seeing her for a whole week. Nothing like anticipation! Sometimes, though, I worry ideas so much that they simply stop bothering me, and maybe this is one of those kinds of ideas.

The kids are driving me bananas. Today was going to be cleaning day, since I knew I was going to have a lot of nervous energy to burn off, but now they're here dancing around me, throwing demands like hand grenades into my ideas. Sigh. For some godforsaken reason, Patrick cannot find ANY of his shoes, or his brand-new boots. ??? I have completely washed my hands of their footwear situations, so I told him it was up to him to find something suitable to wear outside. Since I just heard the back door slam, that means that he either a) found something appropriate or b) is wearing ziplock baggies over his socks.

Josie just informed me that she has been invited to go sledding with a friend. On WHAT?! I can see grass poking out of the snow! As it will get her out of my hair, she is more than welcome to go. At least this friend of hers is a little prissy less tomboyish about her appearance, so I can be fairly sure that the whole thing will stop cold if it ends up being more mudsliding than anything else.

Patrick's birthday was good. He liked his presents, and it was very low-key. Having it right after Christmas is kind of good in that way, since we're all kind of excited-out, including him. He chose Friendly's for dinner, and then we went to make his tricked-out car. The people that work there are *great* with kids, and the guy actually said that his younger brother is Patrick's same age (the guy was about 18). Josie said she's saving up her money and going there, too.


LoriD said...

Not fair. We're up here in the actic tundra (not really, but it's cold and really snowy) and there hasn't been even one snow day yet.

Cherish said...

Yesterday I actually got all the kids ready and drove Rayden to school only to find that it was cancelled because of a forecasted storm that was coming in. I had absolutely no idea and I didnt even bother to check because it was beautiful out!

Im glad Patrick had a good birthday! I've always wondered what it muct be like to have a bday so close to christmas

Susiewearsthepants said...

They closed school here in TN tomorrow for the cold weather. We didn't even get one snowflake. My kids think that is SO awesome. At I get to work tomorrow-I wont be stuck in the house all day with them.

creative kerfuffle said...

we had a message from the school system tonight to make sure we bundle the kids up in the morning cos the buses might be late because it's hard to start them when it's so cold. nice. i think it's supposed to be 10 degrees, but no snow here in nc.

and yeah for what sounds like a great bday for patrick!

Stimey said...

Hooray, a stay of execution. Good luck when you finally do get in there. No matter what happens, just remember that you are in the right. It's not easy to be the one to stand up and speak. Good for you for doing it. Really. It's a big deal.