Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Quickie, and Adorable Photo

As expected, I heard nada from Josie's teacher about my comment on the unfair de-grading of Josie's book report. I was going to go into the principal's office today when I went to Josie's classroom for independent reading, as usual, but for some freak reason they're doing an early dismissal. I mean, there's a winter weather advisory until tomorrow morning, but hello, it's not even *raining* yet, never mind icing or snowing. Um, WHAT?! So, I'll talk to the principal on Thursday afternoon. It makes me think of that old saying, 'I used to walk uphill both ways to get to school...' because, really, we DID go unless the bus couldn't make it, and if you couldn't make it yourself, then you didn't come. Believe me, busses can make it through just about ANYTHING. When I was in college, we could literally stand still and slide down the hill to classes, and my eyelashes froze together more than once from the wind making them water. My hair froze on my head if I didn't blow-dry it, which I rarely did. But, heaven forbid, my children might get WET. Sheesh.

In other news, I got an email from my mother-in-law this morning that she helped Kathy take the twins to their doctor appointment yesterday morning, and took this picture:

There they are, in their buntings!!!! Hooray!!! BUT - see that red ribbon next to the top carseat? Yeah, that's one of the ribbons I had bundled the seat and blanket pairs in inside the box. That tells me that they were, in fact, not opened until yesterday, when my MIL was there to shame her into it make it happen. At any rate, at least they're being used and the babies look so snuggly! The babies are so small, they had to fold the blankets in half! It makes me feel a lot better to see the girls tucked into them. :)


As I'm catching up on reading everyone's blogs, I'm so happy to see what wonderful holidays everyone has had!!! I love hearing about what other people do to celebrate, what gifts have been given and received, and of course, what foods have been eaten! We had a New Year's party here ourselves, just a small thing with two of our favorite couples and their kids, who are close friends with our kids, and the adults played games and talked while the kids did something that translated into a LOT of banging upstairs (whatever - at least they weren't bothering us!). At midnight, the kids let off pop-streamer things that shot little pieces of paper all over the place, which they thought was the HEIGHT of perfection (holy crap, turns out I could have saved a LOT of money on Christmas gifts and just bought some noisemakers!), and poor Baci thought were just Terrifying. The big oaf was PETRIFIED! He hid in the dining room, tail between his legs, shaking, until I noticed that he wasn't around and went to find him. Poor baby!!! Some hunting dog he would have been!!!!


d e v a n said...

I'm glad they're using them. SO CUTE!

Kristi said...

Those buntings are adorable!!

Susiewearsthepants said...

The babies are adorable! I spent a glorious evening alone on New Year's Eve. Both the girls had plans and that was just fine with me!

creative kerfuffle said...

the babies look so sweet! yeah. and still loving the buntings. not so much the sil though : )
our dogs also don't like the noise makers or fire cracker or sparklers or little kitties who are wired and romping through the house. scares them to death.
also--i officially hate josie's teacher. there, i've said it. i want her fired. : )
and my verify is delphi so that has to have some mystic/mythic importance.

Not Your Aunt Bea said...

I hope that your SIL didn't use the buntings until now because she hasn't taken them out of the house. They are super cute and any mom of a newborn would want them. Hell, I want one for me! They just look so soft and cozy.

Cherish said...

Those look so great! I totally need to get one of those for Josiah

Marie Green said...

Ooooohhhh, they DO look so snuggly. Makes me feel warmer just seeing them.

Kristin.... said...

Those buntings are so nice. Hope they use them all winter long.

Josie's teacher needs a smack. A big one. ugh. I'm glad we haven't run into that issue....yet.

I have 3 cats; one is afraid if you sneeze and the stupid kittens aren't afraid of anything.