Friday, January 30, 2009

Rodencia, Part D'Oh!

Hooray, we have another mouse!

Hooray, mouse poops in my cabinet again!!

Hooray, I can wash everything in the bottom cabinets again!!!

Because I have no other purpose in life!!!!

This mouse is ballsy, I'll give it that. I've seen it twice, and the first time it literally almost ran over my hand as it fled the underneath of the stove on its way to under the dishwasher. Last night, Josie and I heard it under the stove, so I pulled out the drawer, and sure enough, there it was, a big gray mouse. Sasha Cat went under there lickety-split, and almost caught it, but then it ran down a hole where the power cord goes through and got away. I left the drawer out of the stove so the cat can sit under there, and put one of those spinning mouse traps under there as well, but it hasn't gone into it yet.

So, now I'm left with a dilemma: I know how the thing is getting into the kitchen. Do I block up the little space somehow, preventing it from using that route, but probably also preventing me from catching it, or do I leave it open for awhile in the hopes that I'll be able to catch it?

In the meantime, I bought some inexpensive hard plastic sheeting, the kind that you use to put in the ceiling over florescent lights, to separate the cabinets from the dishwasher so the mouse can't go under that and directly into the cabinets. I bought plastic containers for the dog treats and whatnot we keep under the sink. I think the cabinets will be safe from now on.

Also, I bought a dish drainer that folds up to be put away, because we only have an 18in dishwasher thanks to the kitchen layout, and I'll need to wash a lot of them by hand while the rest are in the dishwasher. Actually, I usually wash pots that way, anyway, so it's just as well I got one, but still. Sigh.

Me and my dishpan hands will be back soon to report on how I fare with the Shred workout video I broke down and bought on sale at Target yesterday. Enough of you have raved about it that I'm going to try. I have a feeling it's not going to be pretty, but at least it's quick, right?


LoriD said...

Plug up the hole with steel wool. We had the same problem last winter, did the steel wool thing and haven't had a problem since. I don't know where the mouse went and I don't care, as long as he's not in my house!

d e v a n said...

The fact that it's only 20 minutes is definitely the best part of the Shred!
I'd put some poison in the hole and then close it up. We used bar bait and it worked like a charm.

Cherish said...

Oh man. I've tried the 30 day shred (on YouTube) and I just couldnt do it. I have a knee thing (really, I swear) and I found that it was just too much on my knees. But also the cardio is killer, ugh. Lasting 20 minutes can really be a challenge sometimes.

Kristin.... said...

Mice. Ewww.
I'm terrified of Shred. I don't want to leave my kids because I died.

Susiewearsthepants said...

Ditto on what LoriD said. Steel wool is the way to go. We had a major infestation at the beginning of the winter. It was HORRIBLE! Good luck, I hope you get the little critter. They are brave aren't they? The ones in my house would just run out in broad daylight like we weren't even there.

arbee said...

Mouse/mice - eeeeew! We only had one teeny mouse this winter - and our good for nothing cat didn't catch and/or kill it...apparently, that isn't part of her job description.

p.s. Good luck with the Shred workout. I came *this* close to buying it this weekend, but who am I kidding? It would just end up another dvd added to my increasing collection! :)

Marie Green said...

I'm doing the shred too, and I highly doubt that anything will be "shredded" at the end of 30 days. BUT I do feel muscles that I never knew existed- not like feel because they are popping out, but feel them as in every time I move, I yelp.

So, we can be shred buddies. =)

Marie Green said...

Also Re: mouse- we get mice occasionally too, and I'd leave it open and set some traps. I'd probably even put the drawer back under the stove. Even if you cat catches this one, there's like a few more... so traps are the best. (Unless.... I mean, you want it dead, right?)

Poison means that it dies someone in your house and then sits and rots, which I could never stand the thought of. We once caught 7 mice in one day! We'd be sitting around and then hear the *PING* of the trap. David would empty it, retset it and then another *PING*.

Good luck. Happens to the best of us!

Kristi said...

I love the Shred, but I have the tendency to use it for 3 days and then stop for months! i'm really trying to work up the motivation to start again!!