Monday, December 22, 2008

Sewing Machine Abuse - Now With Pictures!

For the past two days, I have been going nuts trying to finish my new nieces'/SIL's Christmas presents. My sewing machine apparently doesn't like to sew anything thick, because I had to stop pretty frequently to realign the bobbin with the needle (or, I broke a needle, which happened FIVE TIMES). Also, note to self, regardless of how silky and soft furry fabric is, it makes a MESS and jams up said sewing machine, causing many Words to be uttered and Threats to be made to said machine. Ahem. But, look what I made!!!

When she opens the box, she will see these:

They're carseat buntings!!!! The insides look like this:

and the fronts are this:

Put them together, and you get these (mildly cooperative elf not included)!
Ta daaaaa!!!!

However, the elf DID get a parting gift for helping model these babies:

This is what I made with that little scottie-dog fabric I bought a couple of months ago!!!! You can't tell from the (overexposed) picture, but the fabric is that kind that shimmers between deep red and dark purple/black. I can't take credit for the little jacket - that came from Target - but since the dress is sleeveless, I thought it would be perfect. She wore it last weekend when she played the prelude at her piano teacher's church. I promised her that the next time I make her a dress, which should be next month (after I make Patrick a Batman cape complete with masked-hood for his birthday, sshhhhh!), that she can (gulp) help. If you see a sewing machine thumbing it down the road, little knapsack on it's back, you'll know that mine finally ran away from home.


AndreAnna said...

OMG, I want a carseat like that so I can crawl in it and take a NAP!

Can you make me one for my driver seat?

Melissa said...

Oh wow you are good at your craft little woman!

They are awesome!!! Love, LOve, LOVE the dress :D

Marie Green said...

I have carseat-bunting ENVY! Those are beautiful and look so cozy! Very, very swell.

Good work.

Also, the dress is lovely and I would have never guessed it was home-sewn.

(Is that a compliment? It's supposed to be a compliment- as in, it looks professional. Sorry, I do not have any sewing etiquette.)

Not Your Aunt Bea said...

Where did you get the pattern for the bunting? I need to make some for the jogger- they are way too expensive to buy. And her dress is very pretty.

d e v a n said...

Great job!

Swistle said...

Oh, those buntings look SO COZY!

Astarte said...


I got the pattern at Joann's Fabric; I think it was in the McCalls book, but I'm not certain... it might have been Simplicity. It was definitely one of those two, though.

Unfortunately, it ended up costing me as much to make one as to buy it, even with the fabric being on sale, because I had to get both the inside and outside fabrics plus batting, thread and, cough, several needles.

Kelsey said...

Those carseat buntings are amazing! I'm in awe.

The dress is beautiful too, and I agree that it looks professional. A friend of mind sews for the kids once in a while, and I consider her a very good seamstress, and items still occasionally have a bit of an "off" look to them.

LoriD said...

I have had many-a-fight with my sewing machine. You made some amazing items.

I usually find that the things I try to make cost as much as they would to buy, but you can't beat the customization you get from homemade.

clueless but hopeful mama said...

LOVE the carseat buntings! What an awesome gift. Even if it did cost as much as buying one, the handmade quality will totally show through!

And the dress is lovely! So sweet.

creative kerfuffle said...

wow. simply wow. the buntings are gorgeous! love that fabric. and josie in her dress? beautiful. you are an amazing seamstress!

Sherendipity said...

Those are fantastic!!