Friday, December 12, 2008

Please Pass The Cheese

I am pooped, emotionally and physically.

This week has been crazy. Josie had piano, rehearsal for the Christmas pageant at church, the school music performance (for gr 3 and 4), family movie night at the school tonight, and the actual pageant tomorrow night. DH had band rehearsal. I had choir rehearsal, and an extra rehearsal tomorrow morning because we're doing a musical Christmas contata tomorrow in place of the sermon. Also, I have to bring in a couple dozen cookies for the cookie sale fundraiser tomorrow morning, and I am in charge of refreshments tomorrow night at the pageant.

On top of this, I have a few friends who have just drained me emotionally. My one friend with her surgery that I wrote about is doing better physically, but isn't taking care of herself, isn't taking it easy like she's supposed to, and is still in a poison environment with her mother. She calls me regularly to unload. Another friend is having a life crisis with her marriage, sexual preference, and a love triangle; occasionally I agree/offer to help her contact the third person because she's in such a misery that I can't stand to see her without trying to do something, *anything*, to help. Then I end up feeling like shit afterwards, because I'm not sure it's good for her, and it makes me feel amoral. I want to be a good friend, but I have problems setting boundaries, I think. I tend to give people my shirt and only later realize that, oh, wait, I kind of needed that! Does anyone else do that, do things you're not perfectly comfortable with for friends?

Also, the situation in Josie's class is kind of stagnant at the moment. There is a full-time second teacher in the room now, which is good, but unfortunately I think she's taking cues from Mrs. Not only does she *also* not speak to me when I get there every other day, but when I introduced myself as Josie's mother and explained what I did with the kids, and I held out my hand to shake. She looked at my hand, and then held out hers in that kiss-my-ring way that some old ladies have - except she's my age, and she's a new teacher. I'm not kidding, she barely touched me. Maybe she thought I had cooties. Anyway, the classroom seems mildly better, and I'm interested to see what's going to happen. I heard through the school grapevine that sometimes this means that Teacher #1 is going to get the boot in favor of Teacher #2. Supposedly this Mrs.2 is going to be there through Christmas as an aide.

Then, last night, when we went to Josie's school performance (which was sweet, and Josie's poem was one of 7 chosen out of the entire 3rd and 4th grades to be presented in addition to the music - that's my baby!!!!), it was POURING rain, I mean the kind of rain that makes you want to build an ark, except that it was also FREEZING. The paper she brought home from school said that she had to be there by 6:45 or her speaking part would be given to someone else, and the music teacher said that they should be there by 6:35 to be safe, so we left here at 6:30. We slogged our way to the school only to find about 150 people standing outside, getting soaked, because the doors were still locked!!! The principal was in there, she just wasn't opening the doors! Everyone was PISSED, to say the least. Once we finally got in, I ended up sitting in front of the treasurer of the PTA, who had apparently told her son's teacher that she wanted to talk to the principal. When the P came over, she said that she hadn't opened the doors because some of the teachers hadn't come yet (Josie's never came, of course), and there was no one there to supervise the children. ?!?!?! HELLO ?!?!?!?! She didn't apologize, didn't acknowledge that maybe she messed up, nothing, even when faced with many wet and cold children. WTF?!

Anyway, so DH has taken the kids and a friend to movie night at the school, and I am going to open a bottle of whine wine and decorate about 5 dozen cookies, and maybe finish the Christmas cards if I have the oomph left. If anyone has some cheese, I've got the crackers.


Cherish said...

Wow it sounds like you've got a lot going on. I hope teacher #2 is better, even if she isnt all that nice.

Bring A. Torch said...

Hello, clicked over from Swistle, and am perusing your back pages a tad...I think maybe you experienced an Old School Southern Lady handshake, which on the lady's end is not a shake at all. (Do they get taught to do that? I have no idea.) I am not clear on what the other hand-shaker is supposed to do when that happens, other than to extricate oneself as quickly as possible.

Good luck with the teacher situation. It sounds like you've taken every step you can, and putting in so much time at the school is helping your child and lots of others too. Way to go.