Monday, November 3, 2008


Remember that commercial? God, that cracked me up!

Anyway, now I'm Older, but it was TOTALLY worth it! I had the biggest weekend EVER. After spending all morning in the school for the kids' half day on Friday and partying and parading with them, we went to my friend Megan's house for pizza and beer before trick-or-treat. Then, we split up - the kids with DH and Megan's DH, and she at her house and me at mine to hand out candy. I went through EIGHT BAGS of candy, I shit you not. We still could have used more, too. I wasn't giving out handfuls, either, just a few pieces to each person that came through.

(aside: don't you HATE those teenagers who come up to you, sans costume, holding out their hands like they are OWED candy? I can't stand that. Buy your own damn candy, or get a costume, at least!)

On Saturday, we went to the Parade of All Parades. Every year, a local social club sponsors a parade here in town that the entire county turns out for. Literally every business, school, and club for miles around takes part, and it goes on FOREVER. We stayed for three hours to see our friends, who were on float 78, and they weren't the end, either! Also, bands, cars and walkers don't get numbers - only floats get a number. I have no idea what time it finished up, but it's like that every year. To make it even better, some friends of ours coincidentally bought seats right next to ours, so we had a little party going on right there in the square!

Sunday was my SIL Kathy's baby shower. I was dreading it, not only because of all the people that were potentially going to be there (there were EIGHTY on the guest list!), but because of all the feelings I've been having about the whole thing in general. Plus, just for added concern, it was at the same firehouse hall that held my nephew's funeral reception. No emotional stress there. They go there all the time, because my BIL is still on the EMT squad, but it was my first time back there since then. Anyway, it actually went really well, and I had a decent time. I mean, larger gatherings are NOT my thing, but 'only' about forty people actually came, so it wasn't too bad, and I got to see Kathy's SIL, Tina, who I really like and rarely get to see, so that was great. Plus, also I got to see Jen, who I love. Boy, did Kathy get a load of gifts!!!! It took her an hour and a half to open them all!!! Did you all know that there's such a thing as a Baby Spa?!?! It's a little tub that actually has a spa whirlpool attachment on it to soothe the baby!!! Holy cannoli!

Then, for the crowning event, when I got home (drumroll, please..)


I know!!!!! WOW!!!!!

DH totally pulled it off, too. I had NO idea whatsoever! All the people we're close to in our parenting group from church were there, and they had waited sort of a long time for me because I stayed after the shower to help clean up! They had brought food, and little perfect presents (like flowers and a bottle of wine and a tiny vase), and it was wonderful!!! You guys, I totally had the Sally Field moment and everything. I have never lived anywhere where a whole group of people would actually go out of their way to do something like that for me, and it felt so beautiful. I am so happy right now, still, just thinking about it. I have also never had a surprise party before, and in fact the last time we tried to have any party for me at all, when I turned 30, Josie caught a bug and barfed all over everywhere, so we had to cancel at the last minute, but even then only a few people had bothered to say that they were going to come.

So, of course we had to end the night with a Happy Ending. I mean, after that, the boy deserved some kind of prize, and that's what I had to offer. Hell, it's still a pretty good prize, even if it IS 35 years old now! Experience comes in handy for SOME things, anyway. :)


Kelsey said...

I'm glad it was such a nice weekend - how sweet that you had a surprise party. It must be a good feeling. I'm glad the shower went okay - I remember that you weren't exactly looking forward to it!

Kristi said...

That sounds like a fabulous weekend!! What a great hubby you have!!

Cherish said...

wow sounds like a busy but really fun weekend. The surprise party was really icing on the cake perfect is that? what a hubby you have there!

creative kerfuffle said...

awesome--simply awesome! you deserved a kick ass weekend! i know the shower was stressing you out and it must have been weird to have it in the same place--but you made it through.
and i LOVE the surprise party!!! honestly, that's the coolest thing ever! the hubs did that for me last year (when i turned 39 and was totally not expecting it) and it IS such an incredible feeling. yeah for yoU!!!!

Not Your Aunt Bea said...

You crack me up! I was not expecting the "happy ending" part and it made me laugh out loud. Experience totally makes some things better! Happy belated birthday!

Sherendipity said...

Yaay!! I'm so thrilled for you. That's wicked. All of it.
Happy belated birthday.

Kristin.... said...

What a great weekend! Aren't surprise parties THE BEST? My husband and family threw me one for my 30th oh so many years ago and it was great.
I'm glad the shower went well. That was such a tough situation for you.