Sunday, November 23, 2008

Grocery Roundup, Nov 23

Before I say anything, can I just share that I got my period while I was shopping today, so I bought a lot more.... urm... JUNK than I normally would have. Like my new favorite treat, vanilla-yogurt drizzled pretzels. VERY good, and not overdone. Perfect for shopping while munching. However, I am sure I horrified the checkout girl today not only with my ginormous, overflowing cart and stack o' coupons, but also because while I shopped, Mt. Pimpmore erupted on my face. Thank you, Aunt Flo; you can always be counted on for one kind of public humiliiation or other. Sigh.


Today's stats:

Total items purchased: 152
Number of coupons: 43
Coupon savings: $39.60
Store coupons: $8.30
Club card savings: $123.21
Total savings: $171.11
Percent saved: 38%
Total spent: $275.20
Gas points earned: $1.60 off each gallon
Earned an additional 10% off another trip, which has to be made by the 26th. (I may call a friend and see if anyone wants to borrow my card, since I won't be able to get as much benefit out of this as someone with a large trip would.)

Today was a good day! I redeemed my 20% off my entire order coupon that I earned over the last few months, which saved me an additional $76.55 on top of my coupons and such. One thing I've been noticing is that the coupon amounts have been getting a chintzy, because this is the most coupons I have ever used at one time, I think, but the last time I had a 20% off day I saved ten percent more than I did today. Sheesh. Today's trip was largely dry goods and produce again, since we still haven't been eating a lot of the meat we have frozen, and yes, I splurged on fruit. Luckily, I'm not cooking Thanksgiving dinner, just bringing a few dishes, so I didn't have to buy a Bird or anything.


Not Your Aunt Bea said...

Don't you hate good ole AF showing up at the worst moment? And I love the yogurt covered pretzels, so yummy! I cut my coupons today and told my husband about your savings- he was truly impressed!

Erin said...

I haven't said it yet, so CONGRATS on your new baby nieces! I will be keeping them & your whole family in my thoughts.

Nice job this month on the groceries. I am wondering: how long does it take to unload & put it all away? That HAS to be an hour, I guess? I do weekly (and then some) trips, and I HATE the putting away part.

Cherish said...

after your last grocery roundup I went online to see if I could find any coupons that were good where I live. I found one site and went through the coupons and had a couple mailed to me. They dont expire for a few months, but they arent for things I buy a lot of so Im not sure if Ill use them. Either way, you always inspire me to try harder cause wow lady, you are good at this!

LoriD said...

I can't believe you bought 152 items! No wonder my husband scowls when I bring home the groceries (max. 40 items).

Also - congratulations on your tiny little nieces. I hope they're doing well.