Saturday, October 18, 2008

Now I'm It, Too!

It is 4:45am. I have been awake since about 3:30, and after a little while it became obvious that I wasn't going to go back to sleep , because my throat was coughy-feeling from being tucked in with my allergies all night, and, more importantly, I started to feel hungry, so I figured what better thing to do at this loverly time of day but get up, make some cocoa, have a snack, and check in with you all!

Lo and behold, to my delight, I discovered that I got tagged for a meme by Kristi! I have to share six things about myself, and then tag six of you lucky, lucky people out there! I'm not sure there are six things about me that you simultaneously do not know AND will care about, but here we go!

1. My dad left when I was 3, and I didn't talk to him again for any length of time until I was in my early 30s. In fact, the only reason I spoke to him then was because I was in therapy and my therapist suggested that I find him and ask him some questions I had (which is a whole other post that I will get into another time). I did, and we talked pretty regularly for about a year, at which time it just became too much pressure - he and his wife were doing things like freaking out on me when I didn't call for a week, when, hello, I had two kids AND it's not like he didn't call me for, oh, THIRTY YEARS - and I had to end it. It was a good for me to have done, though, both the initial contact and the ending of said contact.

2. I am increasingly annoyed by people who are rabid about politics. I feel like I got a lot of that out when I was in college, and now that I'm older, while my opinions haven't changed, I'm more interested in hearing the other side and being understanding of where others are coming from. I have one friend who is SO into Obama that she practically lectures me on his importance every time I see her, and I want to scream, I'm ALREADY VOTING FOR HIM, AND YOU KNOW IT, so lay off, Professor!

3. I like to be alone. As in, I enjoy the days when I literally don't have to speak until I pick up the kids from school. I mean, I talk to the dogs and listen to the radio, but after all the years of constant jabbering in my ear, I'm with Garbo - I just want to be alone.

4. I have a phone problem. The very thought of having to pick up the phone and call anyone, whether it be to make an appointment or even return a call about a playdate, makes me squirm inside. There are certain people I don't feel that way about, like my SIL Jen, with whom it is easy to just fall into conversation, but more utilitarian communications I wish could all be done via email or text.

5. My toenail STILL hasn't completely grown back in right (man, looking at that picture makes me cringe now!). It's *almost* there. The initial part that had turned black finally all grew out, but the new one that came in initially was all warped and wavy-looking, and I was actually scared that I was never going to have a normal one again. This upset me not because it was a reminder of a medical issue, but because I want to wear toenail polish again, dammit! (See, I know where my priorities are, people!) Now, finally, there is normal-looking nail growing in, so by spring my slothlike nail growing-out should be finished. Sheesh.

6. I love the way my dogs smell, especially when they've been outside on a crisp day. They smell like sunshine, and fresh air, and earth. I do *not* enjoy when my house smells doggy, which is an entirely different, cooped-up smell. When I'm on the couch, though, or on the bed, and Baci comes over and snuggles up against me, it's the most relaxing, simple thing in the world. I honestly think that that is one of the things in the world that makes me the happiest.

Now, for the Tagging!

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Snap to it, now!


Sherendipity said...

I was wondering wth you were doing up so early!!! Did you ever go back to bed, or is this how you started your day? Early days are actually awesome, once you can shake that "holy cow I'm up far too early" feeling. Until, of course, 9pm when I fall asleep standing up. :)

You know what's funny? You got an opportunity that I wanted to have with my Father, and couldn't. Hearing about your experience sheds new light on things, and makes me think in many different directions.
Thanks for sharing. Oh! and tagging!

Stimey said...

I'm with you on 3 and 4. I'm looking forward to long alone days. It's been a long time.

And the phone...what did people do without caller ID and email?

Cherish said...

omg the phone causes me to freak out a little every time I have to use it. I usually end up saving all of my calls for one day and then get them all over with at the same time.

Kristi said...

OMG. I hate making phone calls too. I want to create a shrine to whoever made text messaging a reality.