Sunday, October 26, 2008

I'm Still Alive!

I know, I know, I've been totally out of touch!!! Here's a quick update:

1. The home warranty company, AHS, confirmed for me that they are indeed going to cover the pipe situation!!!! Now I just have to call the plumber company and make sure that they refund our money. DH called on Friday, and they said, 'oh, yeah - just call our refund department on Tuesday and ask for so-and-so, and they'll take care of you'. So, I'm feeling VERY good about THAT situation! Hooray!!!

2. My neck is FINALLY improving. I literally wasn't able to move my head for days, and wasn't even remotely comfortable until Friday. Even at that, today is the first day that I haven't spent basically laying on the couch with the heating pad. I'm still not perfect, but maybe about 75%. I haven't been able to read, email, or do anything that involved looking downward since last week. Yeowch.

3. My mother is here. I know I've talked about her before, so you all know what I think about this situation. I'm bringing her back to the airport tomorrow, and then I'll fill you in on the whole trip. Phew.

4. The cat is doing well after her ordeal in the neighbor's shed. She seems to have gained back most of the weight she lost, which was probably mostly water weight anyway. Patrick still hasn't shown an abundance of interest in replacing Aniken, so we haven't done it yet.

5. My allergies/cold are just about gone, Josies are too, but now Patrick has whatever it is. I'm actually pretty convinced that it's a cold or something. My stomach is still touchy, probably from all the phlegm, and his seems to be, too, the poor little guy. We kept him home from soccer today, which I think was supposed to be his last game.

OK, I think that's it for now. I'll be back tomorrow!


Melissa said...

Wow what a turn over!! I'm happy everything seems to be going swell for you!!!! :D

creative kerfuffle said...

holy cow! i'm glad you can move your head again. can't wait to hear about the mom visit, i'm sure THAT was a doozy.
fyi--i gave you an award. stop by the blog : )

Sherendipity said...

I`m so happy to hear things are starting to go well again.
Hope your little guy feels better quickly.

Cherish said...

Wow, what a week you've had! Ive missed you around the blogosphere but Im glad you're finally feeling better

Susiewearsthepants said...

Good grief woman, you have been very busy while I was on a blog hiatus. Glad your neck is feeling better. I can't wait for an update. I missed out on the thing with your mom. I have a thing with my mom, so I am biting my nails until the next post.

Kristin.... said...

Welcome back. Glad to hear that things are looking up!

Which Box said...

I left you a little award on my blog, stop by and pick it up. Along with an accompanying meme. Glad things are looking up.

d e v a n said...

Goodness! No wonder you haven't had time to blog!

Kelsey said...

Well that's a nice update! I hope whatever is going around is out of your house soon and that Patrick doesn't end up feeling too badly.