Sunday, October 19, 2008

Duuuuuuude..... I Think I Have Brain Damage

People, I am seriously messed up on cough medicine. I took only the amount it said, but since I rarely take anything, I think it's a little more than my body was prepared for. Whoa. Duude.

I had to resort to this, because I think that all the coughing from the allergies was giving me brain damage. Also, it has an expectorant in it, which I needed. Dammit, I want to go outside, it's actually gorgeous out there, but I'm afraid if I do I will asphyxiate and die on the spot at this rate.

Poor Josie is coughing, too. I just switched the both of us from Claritin to Zyrtec because the Claritin wasn't doing either of us any good, and I heard some of the moms at Patrick's soccer game saying that they switched and the coughing went away like magic. I know it can take a few days, so I'm just waiting and hoping. If she hasn't stopped coughing by tomorrow, though, I'm taking her to the doctor. She also takes Singulair, because when she was younger she had asthma problems, although she hasn't had an attack in almost three years, and I feel like it can't hurt for her to take it seasonally just in case, especially since it's also approved for allergies.

Also, just for fun, the main sewer line to the house is all effed up, and I'm sitting here in my fog while everyone else is at church waiting for the plumber to come and fix it. We can still use the toilets, but every time we do we take a chance of it backing up into the downstairs shower, which it has done a couple of times, although it then goes back down slooowwwllyyy. I am NOT looking forward to cleaning up THAT after he leaves. YUCK. I think that will call for just sticking my arm in through the door and wildly spraying scrubbing bubbles at every surface and then running away for awhile until I can pretend that that will have made it less gross. I'm especially bummed because the kids are doing a skit in front of the church this morning, and Josie gets to stand up in the pulpit and be the narrator. It's her first time doing something like that, and I'm so proud of her, and now I'm going to miss it because the plumber will be here 'between 8 and noon'. Or, you know, sometime tomorrow. So, I'm really sad.

And grossed out.

And allergic / sick.

And high.


creative kerfuffle said...

altered states indeed : )
i hate that you missed the kids skit--that's always fun to watch.
let me know what knocks the coughing out cos the girl takes allegra and the boy takes singulair and neither of those are working.

Cherish said...

well at least you're high...

Swistle said...

Oh, I wonder if this is why William and Elizabeth have been coughing so much? Maybe it's ALLERGIES. I've been thinking, "WHY won't this COLD go AWAY?"

Sherendipity said...

I totally giggled at the scrubbing bubbles visual.