Friday, May 29, 2009

Friday Follies and Gossip

Today was field day at the kids' school, and I went in to help out in Josie's class. They really didn't need help, as it turned out, so I just kind of tagged along and hung out with them until lunchtime. It was fun to watch the kids, although the boys have reached that uber-competitive stage where they don't want to let the girls do anything, which caused some tears on the girls' side a few times. The got to do a lot of different things, like kickball, baseball, sponge-tag (where they threw wet sponges at each other, a wonderful feeling on a 90-degree day). It was also a good time to talk to the morning teacher, who I rarely see.

I found out that Ms. Miller, the old teacher for the class, will not be rehired next year, and is planning on moving out of state. Good luck to her on finding another job after being fired, especially since I'm pretty sure she was relocated on purpose from her other school across town to this one. It turns out that the morning teacher, Ms. G, will be taking that position full-time next year, and she told me that when I get my paperwork for being a substitute to give her my phone number, and she'll call me whenever she's planning on being out. That made me feel really good, and I still smile whenever I think about it. In my last profession, contract administrator for a government contractor, there was almost *no* encouragement. It was an all-women department, headed by an over-ambitious woman who was the youngest department manager in the company, and it was pretty much all backstabbing, all the time. Whenever you did something well, you could always expect to have someone cut you down soon after, or more often, someone in a slightly higher position to take credit for it, and I spent a lot of time feeling angry and depressed. The potential of having a job in a place where maybe that doesn't happen, at least not all the time, is almost overwhelmingly joyous to me. Having three people that actually work there tell me that they think I'll do great, and one even offer to make sure I get a foot in the door, is more encouragement than I got in my entire professional life until now. That makes me think, maybe it wasn't just *me* all those years - maybe it really *was* the competitive environment that totally sucked. We were always pitted against each other, always having to justify our jobs, all the departments were always crapping on one another... ugh. There would be no amount of money in the WORLD that would make me go back to that.

OK, OK, I know... time get off the computer. It never fails - the minute I sit down, there's always a kid trotting over to stare at me.

Some of my kids are hairier than others.

Disconnecting my intenet connection with your head is a little much, don't you think??



Not Your Aunt Bea said...

What sweet puppies! (Yes, I call all dogs sweet puppies every once in a while even if they aren't!) How awesome is it that she is recruiting you to sub for her before summer break even begins? So awesome! Clear your calendar, I think you're going to be in high demand!

The Workman Family said...
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d e v a n said...

Aw, so cute! Good luck with substituting!

Anonymous said...

Those faces are irresistable!

Jill said...

I want a hairy child.

AndreAnna said...

Makes me want another dog. Alas, I promised I'd wait until we moved to a bigger house.

Elizabeth Channel said...

Good for you! That's an awesome opportunity!

Happy Summer!

creative kerfuffle said...

yeah! did i read that right? the evil witch teacher got FIRED??? oh yeah! and that is wonderful that you might be subbing in the fall--yeah for you : )
that last picture kills me!! lol, the dogs in my house don't do that but the cats do. lord help us.

Kelsey said...

I'm so glad they let that teacher go - I get tired of hearing how our schools are full of bad teachers because the unions make it too difficult to fire anyone. (Not true if you do proper evidence collection, but I digress!)

Yea for school being a better place next year!

Also, the first environment I taught in was so negative I thought I didn't like teaching. I left my job (at the end of a year) and then reluctantly took a different teaching job that sort of fell into my lap. Turns out, I love teaching, just not in that first school. So I think the old job stuff was definitely about the environment and not so much that you could have been doing anything differently!