Friday, August 28, 2009

The Usual Suspects

The Suspects:

The Crime:
(Actually, you're lucky you can't actually *see* the real crime anymore. See those spots? Yeah. They used to be what I can only call Shit Paddies.)

I ran errands most of the day, including the bi-weekly trip to the grocery store right before I raced over to get the kids from school. I knew immediately when I walked through the door that something was, shall we say, AMISS. The dogs are blocked in the foyer and upstairs hallway when we're not here by closing the door into the kitchen, and the french doors to the living room. Even from the back door, which is through the kitchen and enclosed back porch, I could smell IT. Even better, when I went to open the door to find out what exactly IT was, part of IT turned out to be right behind the door, so I smeared IT all over the floor right out of the butt box.

IT took a whole roll of paper towels, plus several bleach scrubby wipes, which I used for good measure, to clean up. These spots may not look like much in the pictures, but they were each about the size of my foot, which is a LOT when you're talking doggie diarrhea. PLUS, I had to take the kitchen door off the hinges and haul it outside so I could clean off the bottom of it, which was smeared with IT.

Can I tell you how many times I almost barfed? Ugh. Thankfully the kids were here (I know, when have I said *that* during an emergency situation?!), and they brought in most of the groceries and helped hold the outside door open and bring me extra towels and stuff.

I thought it was Baci, but then DH told me that Someone sneaked downstairs and polished off the chocolate chips that Josie had left in the living room.

Someone now I don't know. I still think it was probably Baci, though, since he's been having a hard time with his stomach and the anti-anxiety meds, enough so that we've been giving them to him not every day anymore.

Oh, well. That which doesn't kill you, or make you barf, makes you stronger, right?


Not Your Aunt B said...

Ugh. That's never a good sign when you can smell it before you see it. And smearing it on the bottom of the door. Double ugh.

AndreAnna said...

Woman, Flowers. Not diarrhea! FLOWERS!

Sorry you had to deal with that; anyone who's had pets can most definitely relate!

Sherendipity said...

With a new puppy, I feel like my entire house has been turned into a toilet. It's not safe to step anywhere.
I feel your pain.

Anonymous said...

Nothing my child has ever done has ever made me gag half as much as the THINGS my dogs have produced that I've had to clean up. Nothing. Dogs? Love them, but man are they disgusting. You have my utmost empathy.

creative kerfuffle said...

i almost dry heaved just reading this post. gawd there's nothing worse than pet messes. one time (at band camp) my sweet dog chloe (who's in doggie heaven now) got a ham off the counter (still think the cat helped her) and ate the whole thing then proceeded to throw it up all over the house. it was still warm when we got home.

Nowheymama said...

Oh, NO!