Thursday, August 27, 2009


Hooray!!!! I got an email from the professor this afternoon saying that he added me to the class. He said that there are DVDs I need to get from the bookstore along with the textbook and a packet of material he's putting on his office door. I've never used DVDs before in an online class, so this is very interesting. He serems perfectly fine. That advisor was obviously off her rocker.

Guess what died? Our downstairs air conditioner! Crrrrrap! It's still in the high 80s during the day here. We hurried up and installed the new ceiling fan in the dining room, and it's really helping, so far. We're hoping to limp along without having to buy another a/c unit just now. I know they're on sale now, probably, but with paying for classes and books we'd prefer not to have to deal with another $200 on an a/c unit. Once I start grad school next year, I'll hopefully have student loans to help pay for it, so we'll have a little more in our pockets.

I haven't heard anything from the local school system yet about subbing. I know they said that they weren't going to call anyone until the end of August, but I'm starting to get worried that they don't have all my materials yet or something. I'm going to give it until Monday, I think, before I call over there. I would probably have done it already, but since I'm a little scared of the whole thing, I'm procrastinating. It's funny how something that you really want can still be intimidating.


LoriD said...

Want to hear something sad? We have not turned our air conditioner on once this summer. Great for the electricity bill, but it is very revealing of the crappy weather we've had.

Glad everything worked out with the class.

Not Your Aunt B said...

You would die with no AC here. Literally. We have it on 82 and it is going all the time. I think we're almost to 100 days with 100+ temps. Crazy hot.

Start chatting it up with the teachers! I know they will be happy to have you sub and you'll get booked quick. I'd book you. You're happy to learn trig again for chrissakes!

And yay for nice profs! The class still breaks me out, but I'm not the one taking it. Whew.

Melissa said...

So sorry for all the trouble you have had on school, but sounds like things are coming together smoothly :)
And before you know it you'll be in the winter part of the year and that much into it. Good Luck!

Ps. It's probably a game that they play on you to make you sweat about the subbing. Why wait so late in the month :/

Kelsey said...

I would call and check about the subbing... I was nervous when I started too (it was before my first full time teaching job), but there is no better way to get used to it than just to dive in. I can almost guarantee that you'll be great at it.

creative kerfuffle said...

from one procrastinator to another, i feel your pain! it's monday now so i'm hoping you'll have good news : ) and--yeah for the prof not being an asshat.