Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Catching Up

The funniest thing I have heard lately:

'Well, ma'am, I'm not sure this ($300 brand-new-only-has-a-timing-problem) sewing machine is worth fixing - we do have some great machines that start at only $1200, though. I thought I'd let you know that before I started fixing this one.' - the Mennonite repair guy at the local quilting shop. Apparently Mennonites (like Amish lite) are doing quite well for themselves these days. I laughed at him. I couldn't help it. Sure, buddy, I'll take two. And, do you have any caviar back there?

Sheesh. Bad enough that I got taken for a ride when I traded in my MIL's embroidery machine, since this machine isn't as expensive as the guy at the other store told me it was, but now I realize, ALL sewing machine stores must be run by crooks! It's like there's a sewing mafia!

Patrick is testing for his yellow belt tomorrow night. Also, the kids have a sleepover with the karate studio this weekend. It's a pool party, followed by a movie at the studio, and games and video gaming. It'll be the first night DH and I will have had alone for a date in a long time. We may actually do dinner AND a movie! Whoa! Well, at least dinner, and then maybe a trip to Barnes and Noble.

The dogs are driving me nuts. It's too hot for them to go outside, so they're acting out. Delilah has eaten the zipper off of Patrick's backpack (from last year, but we were going to use it this year too, since it was in perfect condition), most of a jar of kids' mouthwash (their poop had better be minty-fresh), and torn up a bunch of paper stuff. That's just today. Last week, we had a substitute mail carrier who used the slot rather than the giant mail box next to the house and we had Mail Salad for two days until I taped a huge sign on our slot that said 'NO - The mailbox is RIGHT BEHIND YOU'. You'd think after seeing the dogs waiting the first day, they'd look around, but no.

DH may get a new job. He likes his current one just fine, but he and this other guy have a line on helping his dream company create a new division, and it looks like they're biting.

I started a small recycling program at our church for the weekly bulletins. I'm hoping to expand it, but I have to go slowly, because with organizations that have a lot of old people who are set in their ways, you have to kind of slide things in when they're not looking.

School starts next Wednesday. The kids find out who they have and who is in their class tomorrow night.

Guess that's it... that's kind of why I haven't been writing a lot lately - I'm boring at the moment.


Not Your Aunt B said...

Wow! You are busy! I can't believe school starts already... Good luck to your husband!

Kelsey said...

Out here there is a program called paper retriever - is it available out near you? Lots of churches and schools around here make money (several cents a quarter pound, I believe) for the paper they recycle. An entire congregation's worth of church bulletins would add up quickly!

I hope you have a great date night!

d e v a n said...

Have a fun date!!

Melissa said...

The new job sounds really exciting, would it be a bigger change for you all?

Hard to believe school is starting up again, it wasn't long ago that it was summer starting. .. at least you guys get a cute date in. Tell us how it goes, Good luck Patrick on your yellow belt!!

creative kerfuffle said...

good like to your hubs on the job opportunity!
oy vey--the dogs in my house are driving me insane too. last night keely escaped. it was after midnight. she's dug a whole under the fence again somewhere. thankfully she came when the hubs called for her but dammit, i thought we'd finally contained her.
DATE NIGHT? omg, so jealous!