Monday, March 30, 2009

Various Updates

My mother has officially left the building. I officially apologize for spewing all that negativity all over the internet while she was here. That is the raw, unfiltered stress pouring out of me. Yesterday, I literally gave up trying to deal with any of it, and laid on the couch and read all afternoon. She did a crossword puzzle. It was pouring outside, to boot. That helped, because I kind of forgot she was here for awhile, and it was a little break that helped me get through the rest of her visit.

My last comment on her visit is this:

On the way to the airport, she told me that her Sig Other's of 20+ years daughter's son, K, had called a few days before she came down. K's parents have separated due to his father's drinking, and his mother, who is planning on moving to SC soon, left him with the father a few years ago to 'force the father to stop drinking because he'd have to be in charge'. K is now 15. Apparently, after they had talked to each other for awhile, K mentioned that he had a vacation coming up, and he'd never seen their new place (where they've lived for over a year), hinting that he'd like to go to their place to visit (he lives a few states away). From what she said, she immediately backpedaled, because she works nights and sleeps during the day, and she doesn't know what he'd do while he was there. The woman has several weeks of vacation each summer, her SO is his grandfather, and K has known her his whole life. He's obviously in an awful situation, and probably is looking for a place to be able to relax for awhile, since I'm willing to bet that he gets free lunch and breakfast at school, so during the summer goes without a lot of things. I said as much to her, and her response, I kid you not, was, 'Well, he should get a job. It'll get him out of the house. He's not my problem, and I don't want to chance that his father would come up, too.' Yeah. I don't like having someone that is more concerned about being inconvenienced than about a struggling boy who is basically her grandson around me. It revolts me. *I* want to have him over now, for heaven's sake, and I've never even met him, but not this woman he calls Grammie. Ugh. If the situation came up, I know it would be *my* kids being treated like that, and it makes me sick.

Anyway, it's over, and I won't see her for months, which is good, because it always takes me awhile to rid myself of the tenseness and feeling of being silently judged and get myself back on a keel where I could deal with a few more days, and another potential speech that will make me want to push her out onto the street.

Other things that have happened recently:

-- Delilah (Dilly, for short now) has aged to the 2yo phase. She is just big enough to get on the couch, meaning nothing is safe, including my poor potted plant, may its leafy soul rest in pieces. She apparently grabbed it by its leaves and shook it, judging from the size and scope of the mess on my floor, and then ate most of its remains. Oh, the humanity botany!

-- Josie fell down our stairs. Thank GAWD she only fell down the last four or so, but she landed on her butt and then on her head, and I was PETRIFIED. I mean, I almost threw up and cried and totally lost my shit, but I didn't somehow, and got her settled on the couch with an ice pack where I could keep an eye on her pupils and awareness level. All I could think of was the headlines recently, and I was terrified that I was missing some important sign that she had brain damage. Rationally, I was pretty sure she was fine, and had just gotten a good bump, but ... I checked her eyes about fifteen times that afternoon and evening, just to be sure. She was fine within about a half hour, but I am still a nervous wreck even thinking about it.

-- It has rained for days, both inside and out. By that I mean, we've had to keep the back door shut, after leaving it open whenever we've been home, for the past week or so, and Delilah had gotten very used to going outside to pee and poop whenever she needed to. I'm pretty sure she was still going to the door to go out, but we weren't as used to having to watch her every move, so when she found the door shut, Little Miss Tinklebell went in the entryway, which TG is hardwood. She had four accidents yesterday, and three the day before. ARGH. I'd get those bells to hang on the door, but she's probably just eat them.

-- My veggie seeds are doing really well!!! I'll post a photo soon. The beans are easily 18in tall! Hooray!

I guess that's about it. I'm looking forward to getting caught up on all your blogs!


Swistle said...

"Oh the botany!"---AH HA HA HA HA HA!

Fiona Picklebottom said...

*I* kind of want to ask the kid to come visit, too. I won't, but I kind of want to. :) Glad you can de-stress now.

Cherish said...

It sounds like you've had a pretty harsh week. I cant understand how people can be that selfish and not even think about what it could do for the boy to get away for a bit.

Im glad its all over for you now and you can relax a bit...or um, go back to your usual busy life of dogs and children and things :P

d e v a n said...

Yipes. Sorry about the mom situation. :(

creative kerfuffle said...

omg--did MY mom come to visit you??? sheesh. i'm catching up on my blog reading. glad the weekend is OVER for you! poor josie on the fall--i would have freaked too.