Friday, March 6, 2009

Quick Update.... Blahhhhhh

Ugh, blah. I feel like I haven't been here in forever, but my inertia is so bad that I'm not sure how long it's really been.

I woke up this morning with my period and what I think might be the beginning of an eye infection. Sigh. At least I can call the vet and tell them that I need another bottle of eye drops and they won't think anything of it, since the dogs are still supposed to be on them. Yes, I gave up. It was almost impossible to get them into their eyes, which seem fine now, anyway. Plus, I think I probably touched Baci's eyes with the dropper at least once, between his flailing and my trying to do things one-handed while sitting on him and holding him down, which means the bottle is contaminated, anyway. The vet told me when I asked last week about whether people could use those drops too that, technically, she couldn't say anything about people, but the medicine comes from the same place. That's good enough for me, people!!!! At least giving myself eyedrops won't be an ordeal!

My nephew is recovering. Apparently, he had a whopping sinus infection, and his snot was so extra-germy that it was spreading the infection to anything it touched (see, I told you he's got a funky immune system). His doctor, the regular woman he sees, said it's not MRSA, which she sees on a regular basis, and that the medicine he had been on would probably have taken care of it if it was. So, he's on something new, and it seems to be working. PHEW. Patrick's still not going down there this weekend, though, because, yuck.

Patrick's behavior has been a lot better lately. We're doing a new reward system - he has a necklace, and I bought a variety of beads. When he does well getting ready for school, he gets a bead. If he gets a 'green' behavior at school, he gets a bead. If he goes to bed well, he gets a bead. Ten beads = a playdate. He wears it all the time, and his teacher knows we're doing it, so not only does he get reinforcement at home, and from wearing it all the time, but also his teacher asks to see his new beads every day. This morning was his tenth bead, and he was so excited and proud! I told him I'd call his friend's mom and see if they could play together today, so I have to get on that in a little while. Hey, whatever works, right?!

I know I'm WAAAAY behind on reading everyone else's blogs, too. I still love you all, and will be catching up over the weekend. Between my period coming, which is always awful since I'm not regular and my PMS is usually an increasing thing over about two weeks rather than a few days, and the weather, and being tired from Delilah-watching, I'm just drained. Plus, I had MOPS babysitting on Wed morning and yesterday morning I babysat for a parenting class the church is running, and it was TERRIBLE. It's a mixed-age class, from babies up to prek, and while there are four of us in there, one of the women really only seems to like sitting in a chair holding a baby, and one of the others is that idiot who can't hold a baby right, and yesterday she literally laid on her stomach on the floor and wrote out a food journal while the room swirled around her. Meanwhile, I had a baby on my hip and six preschoolers/toddlers glued to me. Ugh. The class ends in a few weeks, and I CAN'T WAIT.

I will catch up on all your lives soon, my lovelies. I promise!!!!


desperate housewife said...

Sometimes babysitting for other people's kids is so annoying. Even if you kind of like kids. I mean, one or two I can handle, but the few times I've done crowd-control type babysitting, I've been clock watching the entire time.

Cherish said...

Im sorry you're having such a bad week. These things always seem to come together :( Hopefully you will be back to feeling great again next week, we miss you.

creative kerfuffle said...

i don't like babysitting other people's kids. at all. except my brother's kids.
and i'm feeling your period pain. is it possible to fall in sync w/ someone online? LOL i often do that w/ co-worker friends, but not web peeps! i say bring on the napping and chocolate this weekend : )

Hotch Potchery said...

I should be starting any second, I am not sure about web transferred pheramones, but who knows.

mmm. I might be a tad wary of taking dog eye drops. Don't you remember what happened to Kramer when he took dog medicine? If you are not a Seinfeld fan, ignore last paragraph.

Not Your Aunt Bea said...

Glad your nephew is doing better. I was worried as you say he is sensitive to illness.
I like the idea of the beads. We do a calendar where Miss A gets a sticker every day she is good and then gets to pick a prize when she is good for 7 days. Still have a lot of prizes, but she is getting the idea.
And that one lady needs to pull her weight and watch the kids! That is a lot of kids to watch even if you are a kid-person.

Elizabeth Channel said...

All I had to hear was MOPS babysitting and the sympathy started to flow...

Kelsey said...

Whew - sounds like a crazy time.

Maybe we could all wish really hard and get time to jump ahead to about the middle of June... I think I'm going to try hibernating next year!

Kristi said...

I truly hate babysitting. I don't tell any of my real life friends that!

I love the necklace idea!

Sue @ My Party of 6 said...

I had no idea kids could get MRSA infections in their noses! We are getting my little one's adenoids checked for that since they were so nasty looking. And I am REALLY HOPING that's not what was up there!! And way smart idea on the vet/doggie drops!

I like your necklace idea for Patrick! I might have to steal that one.