Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Playing Hookey

I am officially caught up on reading posts. Phew!!! You all are some prolific people!!!!

I have decided that the kids and I will be playing hookey from school and chores on Friday and going to the Smithsonian on a field trip instead. Patrick really needs a break - every morning he moans that he doesn't want to go to school, it's boring, he doesn't want to have to sit still, and he's been getting in trouble for getting out of his seat and doing weird things, like crawling around on the floor or peeking through the doorway to the classroom next door. Josie just deserves a break from her class, period. While things have been slightly better, the word is *slightly* - there's still a lot of yelling, and two more kids have been moved to the other class. There's one new girl in there this week - I wonder how long it will be until her parents have her moved, too? I don't know how many other kids that other class can hold - they're up to 31 now that they took in three from Josie's class since last fall. Sheesh.

Anyway, we're either going to go to the Smithsonian or to the American Visionary Museum in Baltimore, which I have always wanted to go to, but never have. Maybe we'll wait to do that until May, when they have their annual Kinetic Sculpture race, which is a LOT of fun. We missed it last year, but went the year before, and it's a hoot! People make sculptures and then have to make them moveable, either by having them built around bicycles or unicycles or something, and then they have to race through Baltimore and sail around a pier. They're always funny, too, shaped like elephants or Dr. Seuss contraptions.

Just for fun, here are some new photos of Delilah. She couldn't be cuter!!!!!

She and Baci nap together all the time now, isn't it cute?!
See that nose? She's wearing part of my garden on her face. Oh, well.


Kelsey said...

#1 I have never been to the Smithsonian - jealous!

#2 I'm so sorry this has been a rough school year for your children, I imagine that as being SO stressful. The year will be over soon and you're due for better classroom/teacher chemistry next year!

#3 The string of comments I got from you this morning made me smile.

Kristi said...

A break sounds nice!

Kaeli's spring break is next week, and I know she's definitely looking forward to it. She said this morning that she can't wait until Friday so she can just come home from school and sleep!

Delilah is getting so big! She is so cute!

Hotch Potchery said...

Like Kelsey, I enjoyed the comments today too. A day off sounds great, I used to love to sneak my kids off on adventures, just the three of us!

Kristin.... said...

Your day sounds fun. I would love to join you. Sans children. Ok, I just want to get out. :)