Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Uh-oh...turns out I'm a fatass....

Dear Mii,

I'm sorry you're such a fat little blob. Also, I wish I could say something to make the fact that you have no balance whatsoever better. I'm not sure whether your surprising ability to hit soccerballs with your head will make you feel any better, either, since I'm sure you probably have a migraine by the time I'm done with that. I promise that, someday, we (wii) will both not have to listen to the lady's voice gently saying that we're obese. I promise that I will think of you and turn the other way when the kids get out the cheesy-poofs. I will visit you every day, I swear, and we will lure each other away from the Friendly's that has so helpfully opened up down the street.

And, if any of the other Miis make fun of you, I'll sit on them.

Pudge Mama

Seriously, the Wii people are GENIUSES. I just worked on my balance for 20 minutes, and didn't even notice! Plus, it rewarded me with new games every five minutes or so! Fun, fun, FUN! Plus, it helps a lot that the computer's voice has this cute little japanamation girl sound rather than some creepy computer german woman screeching at me that I'm a total fatass. Somehow, hearing her quiet, soothing tones made it less offensive to be called obese, which, let's face it, I am, anyway. Also, I think that having the Mii on the screen helps me to otherize the weight thing a little, and feel less crappy about me. I find I want to focus on making her better, and my competitive four lane highway streak really, really wants to see the graph improve and win lots of awards, whatever those might be. Oh, I WILL be a goldmedal snowboarding champion, you'll see. Shaun White will be sorry he ever taught me to do it! Ha HA! Maybe I can't balance TODAY, but TOMORROW, hoo, boy, LOOK OUT! My fat ass is gonna be ALL OVER that hill!

*gasp**pant* apparently too fat for so much excitement *gag**choke*

My one conundrum is that since I have one leg longer than the other, I think I'm going to have to wear some kind of shoes when I work out, because otherwise my balance may never improve, or I'm going to learn to balance crooked. Maybe I can get a pair of crocs and stick my lift in one or something. (mental note: get another lift)

Is anyone else working out on the Fit? How have you done? I can't believe I found one; after looking for two weeks off and on, and learning that there was nary a one for a 40mi radius, I stumbled on a small pile of them at Best Buy yesterday when I was buying that @#%@$%#$@$ing money software (which is refusing to work in ever more creative and annoying ways, I might add). Apparently they had gotten 40 of them the day before, and there were 6 left less than a day later. MINE! I also got Shaun White and My Fitness Coach, but I didn't realize at the time that the Fit came with the fitness cd already, so I may return that. Does anyone else have MFC? Is it worthwhile, or does it really just cover what's already included?


Cherish said...

I want wii Fit sooooooooo bad! I cant justify spending the money on it right now though so I just box a bit with the kids :(

It sounds like so much fun though. Im glad you're enjoying it

Kristi said...

I think I might be the last person in the world that does not have a Wii. I am so going out and buying one ASAP. I've played the Wii Fit before, and it's so fun.

I feel the need to confess that I ate nothing but chocolate for dinner 3 nights in a row last week.

Not Your Aunt Bea said...

We've only played with one at a friend's house. The Wii fit is hard to find. I loved the downhill jump, hula hoop & boxing. I think Jillian Michaels of the 30 day shred has a Wii fit game too.

d e v a n said...

I have one too and LOVE it! My Mii is a fatty though. The kids love to watch me get hit by shoes and flying panda heads. lol

Swistle said...

Ha ha! This is so funny! Competitive 4-lane highway! Too fat for so much excitement! Ha ha ha!

I love the Wii Fit. I play it on it every day and don't even really notice I'm exercising. I'm doing the "free step" a lot, which lets you do step aerobics while you watch TV. EVEN BETTER.

I hate the sound it makes when it arrives at my weight!

Melissa said...

I think I saw something stupid about the Wii fit on the View before about how it makes a kid feel fat, but I love Wii and Wii fit! :D

Kelsey said...

My husband would probably run out and by a Wii tomorrow if I told him to, but I've been resisting. I don't want to fight with Harper about video games.

However I grow more and more intrigued by the Wii fit - I'm a little afraid I couldn't handle the game telling me I was obese...

Elizabeth Channel said...

We just got it but I've been discouraged since my Wii fit age is 51! I've been afraid to log back on.

You've got me motivated again though!

Stimey said...

You're totally right about how the Mii helps you think that she's fat instead of you. I wouldn't tolerate anyone saying to me that I'm obese. But everytime the Wii Fit tells my Mii it makes me laugh. A little.

I have My Fitness Coach. I like it. It doesn't use the balance board. It is basically a workout video that changes up the workout every time based on your goals. It's very different from the Wii Fit.