Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Meme, and The Winner Is...

Okey-dokey - tagged for this fun thing! :)

Maybe I should
get off my ass and go to the gym
I love the smell of rosemary hand lotion
People would say that I am funny
I don’t understand why kids like slamming themselves into furniture
I lost my first wedding ring
Life is like a box of chocolates (sorry, I couldn't resist!)
My past involves some things I'm not proud of
My idea of a good time is taking my dogs out, or snuggling in bed on a cold day and reading
I wish I was a better person
Twins are everywhere, it seems!
Dust bunnies are probably mating with the dust puppies under the couch
Tomorrow I’m going to bring Patrick to real school for the first time
I have low tolerance for idiocy
I’m totally terrified of tornados
I wonder why my dog thinks I can't see him trying to take those corn chips off the table - I'm sitting right here!
Never in my life have I smoked
High school was ugh
When I’m nervous I pick fights with my DH
One time at a family gathering I ended up crying because of my brother-in-law
Take my advice: don't take my advice
Taking a good picture is SO satisfying
I’m almost always planning something
I’m addicted to Discovery Channel
I want someone to put me in a room alone with Mike Rowe, just for a few minutes. Well, maybe more than a few. Seriously.


The winner of the Guess The Most Embarrassing Song contest is... two people!!!! Well, actually, Not Your Aunt Bea hit the nail right on the head with Ice, Ice Baby (my husband, ultra-cool bandito that he is, was *shocked* that I have this, and it's the club mix, no less), but Shelly over at Scenic Overlook was also correct in that I *hiding my face in the pillow as I type this* do indeed have Baby Got Back on there, too! Oh, webbies, will you ever look at me (or my blog) the same way again?! Well, at any rate, both of you lucky ladies will be getting something in the mail once you send me your addresses!! Just pray it isn't anything to do with the actual contest, because how embarassing would THAT be, right?!


creative kerfuffle said...

lol---i love it! and hey, what's wrong with those songs? : )
sadly even now when i hear the very first opening notes of under pressure i swear it's ice ice baby! lol

Not Your Aunt Bea said...

Whatever! The only reason I guessed right is because, I TOO have Ice Ice Baby on my ipod. [Bustin' a move]

Not Your Aunt Bea said...

Word to your mother. [Still bustin' a move]. I also have Baby Got Back, The Humpty Dance, and a slew of other 90's hits.

How do I send you my address? Do I post it here? I don't know what to do! I've never won anything before. And certainly this is the first thing I've won due to my total dorkiness and love for 90's music.