Sunday, August 31, 2008

Pooped Pants

Phew. I'm pooped. I'm bored and tired and pooped. I'm annoyed that I'm bored, tired and pooped. Really, I'm at the stage where I feel better enough to want to do stuff, but when I do it, I'm wiped out. Like, this morning, we went to church, which was nice, but about halfway through I was really sleepy, and I've been tired the rest of the day. Fortunately, the kids are both playing with other kids, and I've been able to lay around and catch up on all the blogreading I've missed!!! You are some prolific people!!! :) Pretty soon, one of our neighbors is having a BBQ that we're all invited to, but I've decided that I'm not going, so I should have the house to myself, and maybe then I'll doze or something.

In other less self-pitying topics, have you all noticed the grossness that now passes for nutrition at school cafeterias these days?!?!?! I stopped letting Josie have school lunch last year when I read the tiny print at the bottom of the menu and found out that the average caloric content is 840 calories!!!!! That's more than *I* need in a lunch!!!! Also, can I just say, they're not exactly healthful calories, either. For instance, one day recently the menu was fried cheese sticks, french fries, a rice krispie treat, and their choice of milks (aka chocolate or strawberry milk, because no kid in their right mind is going to pick regular over fancy milk). Now, I ask you, WTF?! It's something like that every day, sometimes with a meat product or nugget, but basically, it's the same. GROSS. I mean, no wonder kids as a whole are getting so unhealthy! I know that some kids need extra calories because they aren't getting enough at home, but to me that would only increase the argument for giving them Real Food, and not re-heated Fat From A Box. My grandmother worked in a school kitchen, and I went to work with her every day from 1st-5th grade, and every day they *made* food for kids. Bread, sandwiches, fruits, etc. Still probably not the most wonderful foods, and they didn't taste as yummy as fries probably do every day, but still at least they were pretending to be healthful foods. I mean, school food wasn't tasty, really, but still, I wouldn't have passed out from blocked arteries just looking at the menu. This is just disgusting. Plus, if self-made foods are supposed to be more economical than pre-made foods, wouldn't it be cheaper to get the materials and make the foods, anyway? Hmph. I wonder what kids in countries whose schools are kicking our schools' butts are getting for lunch?

I'll get off my pre-made frozen hamberger patty box now.


creative kerfuffle said...

the lunches aren't any better in middle school. the girl came home excited last week because they have 2 lunch lines--the menu lunch and an a la carte lunch. she had pizza and french fries for lunch that day! oy vey. she's taking her lunch most days now.
i'm really beginning to wonder what our tax dollars pay for because it's not healthy lunches (even though we pay $2.35 per day for menu lunches) and it's not supplies. i totally understand having to buy certain things, but baggies, kleenex, post its, etc.? really?

Kristi said...

I rarely let my daughter buy her lunch...i know food probably wasn't all that healthy when i was in school but fried cheese sticks...for lunch...i almost died when i saw that on her lunch menu