Saturday, February 16, 2008

Is It Over Yet?!

February is the longest month *EVER*. I don't care if the calendar says it's shorter than all the other ones - it is definitely, without a doubt, the worst time of the freakin' year.

I have a mite touch of cabin fever.

Also, poor Tyler Bear Dog is in sad shape. I hadn't really thought about it, but of course they shaved his ear, which now looks all grey and grizzled and misshapen. Not to mention, they used red thread for his stitches, so his ear looks like Frankenstein's quilt. The stitches go all the way through his ear, too, so taking them out in twenty days is going to be pretty painful, I would imagine. I'm supposed to keep him quiet for several days, and keep Baci away from him, particularly because they didn't put any bandaging on his ear!!!! The tech just told me that they wanted it to be open because it would heal better this way, but that it would probably drain so have him lay on a blanket. It was actually bleeding a bit even as she said it. Luckily, that has seemed to stop. His pain medication makes him really loopy, and he seems OK without it (he's a really tough dog - once he split open the webbing on his paw and we didn't even know it until over a week later), so we're probably going to stop making him take it. If he starts acting like he's in pain, though, obviously we'll give him more.

Did I mention that DH is sick? Ooohh, yeah, that's what every February needs is a SICK MAN. To his credit, he's been keeping the moaning to a minimum, for him, but for a few days there I was still thinking that I might need to move out. Is there anything worse than a sick man? All he had was a head cold, for goodness' sake! He stayed home from work on Friday so he could treat me to his specialized sick-man breathing, too - 'mmmmmmpphhhhhhhhhh'. I do want to feel bad for him, really I do, but the whole illness thing just isn't doing it for me when his nose isn't even red. Not to mention, when I'm sick, the world has to keep on turning because preschoolers wait for no man (or woman). Why is it that men always seem to be Ill, and not just under the weather?

Fortunately, the rest of us have somehow seemed to avoid The Plague that most other people around here have had. Josie's next-door neighbor at school threw up all over her desk, and half her class was gone for over a week. Patrick's friends have all had it, including his friend who we have given rides to school because his mom has a new baby; that boy started throwing up hours after he got out of the car last. I don't know if it's the flu shots, or what, but knock on kayboard, we all seem to be making it through OK.


Swistle said...

I hate February. I deliberately avoid having babies during that month---although maybe I should have done the opposite, so that the glum of February would at least be broken by cake.