Monday, February 25, 2008

Daddy Dinners Are For Champions

Tonight I talked to my favorite sister-in-law, Jane, who lives about an hour and a half from here. We used to live within fifteen minutes of each other before we moved out here to the hicks, and we're almost the same age. Our sons are within six months of each other, and my nephew has a cousin on the other side who is the same age as well. My nephew, Caleb, has several learning disabilities and delays, plus eye problems from a birth defect, and he just brings out the best in Patrick. Every time we're together, especially now that that's a less frequent thing, he treats Caleb like a little brother, literally putting his arm around Caleb's shoulders and guiding him where he needs to be, like across streets or into buildings. It's adorable, and my heart just bursts watching it.

Anyway, I was talking to Jane on the phone, and she told me the funniest Daddy story EVER. Seems that she was in the middle of cooking dinner, a spicy chicken dish that was for her and her DH only, and she was planning on making something else for Caleb and Anne, my baby neice, in a minute. Well, her sister called, and they ended up being on the phone for awhile, so my BIL, Trent, was on his own to find something for the kids to eat. Jane had suggested some cheese and crackers as a starter, and then left the room. A few minutes later, she came back to see Caleb with a MOUNTAIN of minimarshmallows on a plate, like Trent had just grabbed a handful and thrown them there, and a bowl of sixteen olives, or at least that was all that was left, becasue he was shoveling them in as fast as he could! SIXTEEN!!!!

Jane, who was somewhat shocked, made a comment about it not exactly being the dinner of champions.

Trent looked at her and said, in all seriousness, 'Oh, no, it's OK; he had a link of sausage first.' !!

Now, catch your breath and ponder this: What on earth is THAT going to reappear as tomorrow?! Marshmallow olive poo in sausage casings, anyone?! Eeeewwwww!


Mairzy said...

August's kid-meals aren't quite that bad... not quite... but they're similar enough that we refer to them as "Daddy meals." I didn't realize it was a universal phenomenon.

I found you from Swistle (of course). I tried to leave a comment on an earlier post and Blogger wouldn't let me. It wasn't worth being blocked, honest.

Penny said...


Daddy meals around here tend to lack substance, but the marshmellow/olive banquet is a prize winner, I think.

Marie Green said...

On the one to two nights a week I work, my husband routinely makes either RICE PUDDING or pancakes for supper.

Loaded with nutrition, people. Absolutely LOADED. ;)