Friday, October 2, 2009

Ow! My Thungue!

OK, who gave me dairy?! Becauthe someone gave me dairy. I'm looking at you, new Tharbucks employee.

I know this becauthe I have a volcano-thized sore on my poor, poor thongue. It is thoe huge it hurth to even talk. It'th right in the middle of the top, tho it rubs if I eat. I have to really work to not let mythelf rub it along my lip all the time. I think if the athronauts looked out their window, they could thee it from the spathe station.



Little Delilah dog has massive yeast infections in both ears. I noticed awhile ago that her ears were always dirty, but last week, they started seeming wet all the time, and they started to stink the other day. I mean, STINK. So, $90 later, we have a special ear wash to use every other day and ear drops I have to put in each ear twice a day for two weeks, and then once a day for another week.


My mother is cursing us with her presence next weekend. More on that later.


My bio exam I spent every spare minute studying for for two days ended up being open-book. That really pissed me off. Also, 50% were trick questions, so much so that I wrote a few sentences justifying several answers because more than one could have been correct depending on how you interpreted them (ie, how to things diffuse? a) from high concentration to low, evenly, or b) high to low, unevenly; the answer is BOTH, unevenly at first, and then ending up evenly). Pisser.


Patrick and Josie both had friends over today after school. It was a half day, so Patrick's friend has been here seven hours now (Josie's friend had to leave at 6). This was longer than I had inteded for S to be here, but they get along well and he's sweet, so I don't mind. (His mom is the one who lets him call at 4 and 5 asking if he can come over at least twice a week.) While they were playing outside, another boy stopped by, and when I wasn't listening, apparently let off such a string of foul language that JOSIE told him he had to go home! Patrick and S came inside after that, and Patrick nonchalantly told me that this D had said, 'oh, the f word, the s word, the d word, and other ones, too'. I don't know which disturbs me more, that the boy said those things, or that all the other kids were so not-shocked. Holly firecracker carp.


d e v a n said...

Yikes on the friend!

Our dog went to the vet yesterday and she had a yeast infection in her ears too. She has them ALL the time. It's so frustrating, but now she won't let me put stuff in her ears so it's hard to treat.

Sorry about your tongue.

Anonymous said...

Thorry about your thungue!

One of our dogs had yeasty nasty ears the entire time we lived in FL. He'd never had one until we lived there. Had to have been something he was allergic to b/c he hasn't had one since we've been in OH. I am way familiar with the daily ear washes, scooping out brown goo with cotton balls. Just the smell of the ear wash, which isn't unpleasant on its own, just kind of makes me annoyed b/c it was such a cluster for so long.

Happy weekend!

Kristin.... said...

Oh my god you crack me up.

Pets. Mine eat animals and leave the dead parts all over the yard. Fun times. Still, I love them to pieces.

I hope the visit with your mom goes quickly and as painless as possible. Not easy, I'm sure. Will be thinking of you.