Wednesday, October 7, 2009


The good news: my mother *isn't* coming this weekend!!!!!

The bad news: she's not coming because both kids are hacking and sweaty.

Patrick has had a fever for two days, and started really barking last night. Josie, who only had a headache yesterday afternoon, started coughing deeply last night, too. Sigh. It's 9:30am now, and Patrick is still asleep in my bed; I have a feeling he must not have slept much last night, because he never sleeps past 8 or so. We have an appointment at the doctor at 11:15, just in case it's bronchitis. Josie's had that before, but I made the mistake of not taking her in for awhile, because she didn't have a fever, and the doctor we had then shamed me so much (and then blamed her subsqeuent asthma on me) over it that now I'm utterly paranoid. No one has thrown up yet, thank goodness, but you never know. I feel not 100% myself, actually, but I think I have just allergies, because there's junk runnning down the back of my throat all the time (you're welcome!).

I spent the last two days in a K class, and am shocked at the things that children are making up now. When I was little, it was a huge lie to say that someone shoved you on the playground. Now there are kids making thing up like having a sibling in the hospital, or one sibling actually having killed another one! WTF?! What are these kids watching on TV that they are thinking this stuff up?? I find this absolutely *SHOCKING*, and really, really disturbing. The thing is, the kids whispering these things to me are quiet, sweet children, not ones who act up or misbehave. I asked other teachers about these stories, and was told that they have made up similar things before. !!!!?????!!!!!

I am also surprised at the number of special needs kids in schools now; not physically-differently-abled, but those with emotionally/psychologically/educationally special needs. I don't know if the number of children needing alternative/additional assistance has actually changed since I was in school, or if it's merely a reflection of the mainstreaming environment that schools have now. Maybe the number hasn't changed, and it's just that these children would have been in a special ed classroom full time twenty years ago.

Regardless, one of my favorite things is seeing the typical kids interact with the less-typical children. Whereas when I was a child I saw a lot of teasing and otherizing behavior, I only once seen any children picking on or being cruel to the special needs kids in their classrooms, and that was only last year, in Josie's 4th grade class, where the entire environment was toxic. In fact, what I have seen over the last few years is an incredible change from what I remember; the typical kids, at least in our kids' schools, have almost adopted the most severely challenged children. Never when I was a child would I have seen the typical children seeking out the challenged children on the playground at recess. I don't know if this is a reflection of the environment at our school in particular, or a wider sweep of the country's schools, but I *love* it, and it only makes me want to be there more.

I've started getting feedback about my substituting, and I'm so excited! One teacher told me to get ready, because people have been "raving", and I'm going to be getting a lot of calls! OMG! About ME?!?!?! When in life do you ever hear things like that??? Certainly when I was in an office, it was all about cutting people down so you could step on their heads on the way up your own ladder. It is such a relief to be in a place where being nice is actually considered a positive thing, and not a weakness. All along, I thought it was *me*, and it seems to be turning out that no, really, it *was* just the office environment and what it turns people into. HA!


d e v a n said...

Sorry the kids are sick! YAY about the sub jobs!

Anonymous said...

Hope the sickness at your house is fleeting.

WTF about making up about a sibling having killed someone? I'm astounded.

You ROCK as a sub - how awesome is that!!??!!!

desperate housewife said...

I remember being so astonished once when a FIVE YEAR OLD I was babysitting informed me and her little friends that she was a lesbian. And then proceeded to describe, rather graphically, to her confused playmate what a lesbian "does." I was all, "Um, I don't really think you're old enough to know how you feel about that, honey," and then, more frantically, "Um, a lesbian is a woman who is attracted to women. Let's leave it at that for now, please!" while trying to decide just how pissed the other little girl's conservative parents were going to be at me when she started randomly talking about the hot girl-on-girl action the other kid had described!
Like you said, you gotta wonder what they're watching on tv... Or hearing from pervy older brothers or something!

Stimey said...

I'm terribly sorry to hear about the sickness, but congratulations on being such a smashing success in your teaching!

That's interesting about more special needs kids. I think that there is definitely a school system push toward the Least Restrictive Environment, which means that the more kids they can put in mainstream classes, the better. I love hearing that you see harmony between those kids and the other kids. It gives me lots of hope.

Kelsey said...

I'm so glad the subbing is going well - I knew you could do it!