Wednesday, May 7, 2008


We're alive!!!! The house looks like a homeless village, but I finally found the power cable to my laptop, so here I am!!!!

Oh, I am SO tired. I am realizing that the downside to having someone else pack your things is that you don't know where anything is. They labeled the boxes nicely, but obviously every little thing isn't written on them, and a 50ish man packed the kitchen, meaning that he labeled everything 'pots and pans', whether it was actually a pot or, say, a baking dish. Or, just a lid, wrapped with a bunch of other miscellaneous items. Sigh. Also, the wrapping paper they used came in huge sheets a yard square, which they placed in big piles on the kitchen counters while they were wrapping things. They wrapped EVERYTHING, including plastic knick-knacks, in about four sheets of the stuff, turning everything into unrecognizable balls of slippery, cream-colored paper. My kitchen looks like a paper factory exploded.

The move itself was actually a pretty good experience. People actually showed up when they were supposed to, and everything in the house got packed, including our food! Tonight was our first home-cooked meal in almost a week; it's amazing how one can actually get tired of having to eat out, especially when the children's menus are pretty much the same no matter where you go. I was starting to think that Patrick was going to turn into a chicken nugget with french fry legs! Even our large playset was moved right away, which we had been told would not be able to happen. This is actually the first decent experience I have had with movers, ever.

So, here I am sitting, pretending that the boxes aren't all calling my name, mocking me. I am tired of looking at them, but I'm also tired of unpacking them. I'll do it tomorrow. At least I got the kitchen finished today, thank goodness, and the TVs are set up and finally working (our cable installation was all wrong, and I actually had to drive over to the company office this morning and exchange the remote because the one they gave me was broken - I waited around for four hours to get none of the channels I had asked for, no HD, and a broken remote! gotta love cable).

Tomorrow morning I will make my last trip into the old house (it's weird to say that) tomorrow morning, when I go to pick up my seedlings. It's so filthy, I was so embarrassed!!! Not only had I stopped doing anything but the most basic cleaning about two weeks ago, but add in the fact that the animals are shedding and all the furniture was moved so you could see the ugly underneath, and YEOWCH!

I have to say, as unhappy as I was initially, in the end I am actually glad that this all happened. We love this house, and it suits us so well. It's a wonderful neighborhood, and several people have already introduced themselves, including some kids who came to check out our kids. Josie has already spent several afternoons playing with Matt Across The Street. I think we're going to be very happy here.


AndreAnna said...

Yay! Glad you're getting settled. Moving is one of those experiences that gives me a headache.

Kristin.... said...

Unpacking is a total drag. We still have some things packed and we moved almost 2 years ago. I figure if we haven't needed them up until now, they can stay packed.

Can't wait to see more pictures!

Creative Kerfuffle said...

oh astarte--thought it sounds so chaotic, the unpacking, etc. i love that you love the house. after the ordeal you've been through, it's good to know you've found a home (not just a house) and even better that the neighbors are friendly. yeah!!!