Friday, May 30, 2008

The Big Day

Last weekend was DH and my tenth anniversary, and I got a Gift!!!!

We don't typically exchange gifts on our anniversary; in fact, if we acknowledge it at all it's to get a joint thing, like a new camera, or a hammock. Since this was kind of a big year, though, I had a feeling we were going to exchange gifts. I was hoping for a new ring, actually, because I lost my ring during our last move (not the one we just did this month, but the one a year and a half ago), I think. I had put it into my wallet's change area, which I don't use, but I remember one time Patrick playing with my wallet when we were out, and I didn't think anything of it until it was too late. To be honest, I hadn't cared for it anyway; it belonged to his maternal grandmother (whom no one really liked, so it wasn't a big deal that it was lost in that respect) and was in a style that wasn't what I would have chosen. It had little hearts on it, and a few tiny rubies near a couple of tiny diamonds. It was cute, but all the prongs kept catching on everything constantly, and the back of the wedding band had split just from wearing thin over years of wear, so it pinched me all the time. I am much more of a simple, plain person. I rarely wear makeup, don't dress up unless I have to, and am constantly dirty from either working on the house or in the garden.

This anniversary band is much, much better. The front is entirely smooth, so there are no prongs to catch on anything, and it won't trap dirt and always look bad. There are ten tiny diamonds for ten years of marriage, and I like the symbolism there. Also, it's simple and plain and will go with anything.

Even sweeter, he also bought little decorative tins to put the ring in (tin is the 10th year gift according to Hallmark - weird, huh? TIN?!)! He was really on top of things this year. :)

I got him a book on archaeology and a bag of Anniversary Roast from Seattle's Best. Not so romantic, I know, but to be fair, I didn't know he was getting me the ring. About a week before our anniversary, he told me that a box would be arriving via UPS and not to open it, and when the box came it was about a yard long - it was the tins - so I thought he'd gotten me something for the house or yard. In the past, when I've gotten him a 'better' gift than he's gotten me, he's been upset that he hasn't thought of anything more interesting or whatever, so I try to make sure our gifts match somewhat. So, this year really was a surprise!!!!

We have really had ten great years. I mean, we've had our ups and downs like any other couple, but in general things have been very easy. I knew on our first date that we were going to get married, and five months later we were engaged. We didn't have much time alone together, since I got pregnant three months after we got married (whoops!), but it's worked out great, and now we'll have all the time together on the other end. I'm one lucky girl. :)


Creative Kerfuffle said...

happy anniversary! what a lovely, lovely gift. i'm even more impressed w/ the tin. THAT is above and beyond : )
but, who made those things up? tin? for 10th? can you imagine sitting around a room, however many yrs ago it was when they made that stuff up? tin? yeah, sounds good.

AndreAnna said...

Love the ring!

And, I got pregnant on our honeymoon - beats your three months!!

LOL. We also knew we were going to get married but we had a long engagement (18 months) so I feel like we had plenty of "us" time. Plus we both wanted kids - we just didn't expect it so soon! :)

Swistle said...

Ooooooo, SPARKly!

Kelsey said...

Happy anniversary. The ring looks great! I may be a little biased because it actually looks quite a bit like my wedding ring.

Kristin.... said...

Happy Anniversary. Our tenth is in September. We also don't usually exchange gifts (well, except for our first anniversary he bought us our first house; hard to live up to that afterward). We're going to the Red Sox the day after our anniversary,so I guess that's our big gift.

Susiewearsthepants said...

How sweet! I love that style of ring. Maybe one day I can fool some poor sucker into putting a ring on my finger:) In the meantime, I can ooohhh and aaahhhh over yours.

desperate housewife said...

Oh, happy anniversary! I hope and believe that we will be just as happy as you guys after ten years. Good for you!