Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mom's Day, And Nosy People (You Know Who You Are!)

First thing's first - here's my favorite Mother's Day song, EVER. Happy day, ladies! Did anybody get any exciting loot? I know that this isn't about presents, necessarily, but they sure don't hurt!!! I, myself, got a PS2 game, Innocent Life: Harvest Moon, which is a sim game, an angel figurine, and cast iron outdoor mommy and baby ducks (the mommy is about 6in tall) from Restoration Hardware. Also, I got a paper dollhouse (complete with paper staircase and some tiny paper furniture) and a popsicle boat, both made by Josie. All in all, a very good year.

I have to say, in the past, I have gotten some real Turkeys. My first Mother's Day was when I was due to give birth any minute, and The Man Who Did That To Me FORGOT to even so much as Mention IT TO ME!!!! Ooh, he was totally in the shi**er that day. After that came the construction-orange cardboard shelves, and the plans for an around-the-tree-trunk bench that never got built. In comparison, this year represents winning the lottery!

Now, for the Nosy People part.

As I write many of my emails, posts, etc, my kids, and my daughter in particular, typically hang over my neck to see what I'm doing. This lack of privacy drives me INSANE!!! Josie totally reads over my shoulder. All. The. TIME. I can't stand it! Sometimes, I can actually see her lips move as she reads my words to herself! Occasionally, I write a little note to her in the middle of whatever else I'm writing, like 'Is Josie enjoying her mommy's email?' but she either doesn't make it that far or pretends to not see it.

This is part of a larger trend of her seeming to feel like she has to be involved in every little thing I do. If I'm on the phone, she hangs around to see what I'm talking about and who it is. If there's mail, she wants to look at it. Lord forbid DH and I have a conversation, because inevitably we will either a) be interrupted to be questioned about what something means or b) be asked a question on the very same topic we just finished discussing that is impossible to explain without going into our entire conversation again for her benefit. Lately, I have taken to telling her that whatever it is was not her conversation, and if she wants to listen to other people's conversations, she needs to either keep up or keep quiet. This only seems to marginally work. Patrick hasn't really started this yet, being oblivious to half the universe, but I'm sure he'll pick up the habit sooner or later. How have you all dealt with this Extreme Nosing?


Kristin.... said...

Happy Mother's Day! I got breakfast in bed! It was YUM-O! I also got a book, bookmark, socks and a t-shirt. And a Kevin Garnett bobble-head doll that I just LOVE! Silly, I know. The kids each made me a card and did gifts at their school too. It was quite cool. The babies just loved me lots today and let me take their photograph way too many times.

Oh the nosiness/interruptions drive me batty. Meg also reads over my shoulder, and while I think it's cool that she CAN read, I also find the lack of privacy maddening. I don't blog when she's around and I tell her that my email is private. Doug and I never talk about anything when she is awake and save all very important coversations until she is in bed. We barely get to speak when she is awake and I can't stand it. She's always trying to get our attention and it's NEVER about what we're discussing. God forbid we speak. ahhhh

Swistle said...

Ha ha--Rob is the same way! He wants in on everything! I do that same thing about "either keep up or butt out." I also say, "Don't read over my shoulder" or "Don't read this; it's private."

Creative Kerfuffle said...

happy mother's day to you! the ducks sound awesome! as does everything else. you've seen my post today so you know about my loot : )
the nosiness thing---omg, it.does.not.get.better. i blog when the kids are in the room (computer's in the den) but if start honing in on me i minimize the screen. i think when it comes to phone calls it's like a kid magnet. they can be miles away and when you pick up the phone they're glued to your hip. if the hubs and i try to have a conversation in the car, forget about it. both kids are interrupting, trying to add their 2 cents, etc. we try to listen to them but also make it known it's not good to interrupt. it's hopeless.

Kelsey said...

When I taught, I used to have an entire classroom of kids doing that sometimes!!!

Sadly, my three-year-old already wants in on every phone conversation. I'm hoping this is a phase.

For Mother's Day I got to tickets to an NFL game in Detroit for the fall (my hubby's favorite team will be playing against mine), along with babysitting arrangements and the promise of a night at a hotel. For me it was a great gift! I also got my first school created Mother's Day gift, a hand print bouquet.