Thursday, April 24, 2008

How To Know When It's Time To Go

When I came home from getting Patrick from prek today, there were two suspicious-looking stakes in the driveway, right next to the house, where you wouldn't necessarily see them. From a distance, they look like this:

Upon closer inspection, however, they looked more like this:

That's right - proposed curb, and proposed sidewalk. To give you a little perspective on the change that this makes to our soon-to-be-previous neighborhood, this is the view of my neighbor's house from my front porch:

Since the road curves outwards, our house is set further out, too, so the stakes are back more on our place, but you get the idea.

I know that the house isn't ours anymore, but we still live here!!! Maybe they could wait to mark our houses for doom until we're all gone, for heaven's sake!

Well, anyway, I was pretty depressed until I got inside and saw my dog, Baci, doing what must be his new-and-improved backyard guard dog bit:

I might as well hang a sign on the door saying, 'C'mon in!!! TV's in the back, jewelry's upstairs!!!' What a doof!


Susiewearsthepants said...

Ha,ha what a great guard dog!

Kristin.... said...

Ha. And that is why I'll stick with my "attack cat". She would rip off the face of anyone who tried to put stakes in her yard. Or at least yawn politely before going back to sleep while they worked.

Oh that would be so unsettling. It would make me feel kind of weird, being there. That's just me.