Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Giving: Month One

As part of my resolution to be more giving, you will see to the right a new widget, created by the Network for Good, which I found via Kevin Bacon's charitible foundation 6degrees . The Network for Good allows people to buy donation cards as gifts, which the recipient can then use to donate to any one of almost two million charities listed on the website by logging on and selecting organizations and doling out their gift card's value. It's pretty cool, and I'll be using it a lot from now on, so those of you who actually get gifts from me in person, be prepared.

This month, I'm featuring the Salvation Army, specifically, the Salvation Army organizations of of Sumpter, SC and Little Rock, AR. As most people know, the SA has a religous basis, but does not discriminate as to who may receive services (eg, you don't have to be any particular faith, or any at all, to receive cold, disaster, or food aid, etc). All of us are probably the most familiar with them via their red kettles and bell ringers that are outside stores every Christmas season.

The reasons I have picked the SA are twofold.

First, disgustingly, a Salvation Army Major was murdered in front of his three small children outside of an SA facility in Little Rock, AR on Christmas eve. He was shot, and died, for the money in his kettle that he had collected for the poor. His killer remains at large.

Second, in December, the Sumpter branch of the SC SA was sent a donation, purportedly from a legitimate local company wanting to share its fuitful year, for $25,000. The branch used that money to further its December operations. Unfortunately, the check was part of a scam that was perpetrated on several charities in the area, and as a result the SA's SC operations are now in jeopardy for the winter season, due to the now-massive hole in their budget. This means that because of one sick individual, many may go cold or hungry that would not have otherwise.

The widget on the side should track the amount given from this site, and for this first month, I will match total donations up to $150. The link takes you to the Salvation Army's national headquarters donation site, and from there you are able to specify where you would like your donation to be sent / what programs you want to support.

Hopefully this first month will go well! Anything is better than nothing, right?


Not Your Aunt B said...

I am shocked. That is horrible. Two very good causes indeed.

AndreAnna said...


Sometimes the world makes me want to crawl back in bed.