Sunday, July 12, 2009

Slow Sunday

I can't remember if I mentioned this or not, but we have started medicating Baci Dog. The herbal pills weren't cutting it. I really need him calm during the day so I can work on training him on appropriate behavior, and if this is what it's going to take, then this is what we'll have to do. It's like a switch goes off in his head and he can't hear or see anything but what's exciting this over-stressed reaction in him, and there's no way to train him when he's turned off like that. Sigh.

I've started running again, but this time am doing it at the gym rather than on my dreadmill down in the airless cave basement, and it's a lot better. I can see TVs, and outside, and there's a/c and fans. I'm using the c25k DJ Beatsmith podcast, but the one day I forgot my ipod and did a routine on my own, I actually pushed myself harder, so I may alternate not using it and see how I do just listening to my own music, or maybe I'll just move up a week in the program. I've also been using free weights, which I have always preferred for arms. Since I wasn't comfortable using them in Man Land at the Gold's I used to belong to here, I haven't had easy access to them in a few years, and they're just so much better. Legs are still machine-bound for me, but most arm stuff is easier and more comfortable with the weights, since arm machines usually require you to rest your chest against a pad, and there are no boobie-breathing holes. The girls were squooshed. My new gym is a small business owned by a really nice guy, and the atmosphere is good, which is so important. If you feel like crap, or too self-conscious, you're not going to go.

However, I think the yoga instructor hates me. She's a very thin, sober person, and I think it irks her that I always can do the moves as well as she can. A lot of the other people in the classes are older, or new to it, but in our old town, I took a power yoga class twice a week where we did a lot of inverted poses, and she made us work into doing downward dog for five minites. It was tough, and I loved it. So, after the last class I took on 7/3, afterwards I asked her if the gym was thinking of offering a power yoga class at any point. She looked at me, all miffed, and announced that her class *was* a power class. Um, no, it's not, but she looked really, really mad at me for insinuating that her class was too easy!!! Snit. When my ass doesn't jiggle quite so much, I should get certified and teach one my own damn self. Shoot, I could snap her like a twig. She can kiss my cobra.


Hotch Potchery said...

Darn straight she can kiss your cobra!!!!

There is the world's worst instructor that is the lead instructor at our gym...I quit going because I wanted to avoid her. That is dumb, I should just complain.

Yay for C25K!!!

Anonymous said...

I so need to get my own butt moving. Sigh.

Kiss your cobra indeed!

Cherish said...

:D your posts always make me laugh!

I've been doing the c25k aswell but Im having trouble sticking to it every week and I find that I have to repeat weeks sometimes so it's not going as fast as I had hoped. I still feel weird at the gym when I run for only a few minutes when the person beside me is going for like a half hour at a time. It sounds like you are really enjoying your time at the gym and you're right, you SHOULD get yourself certified.

Not Your Aunt Bea said...

That's awesome! What is up with snippy instructors? You would think she would want a new fun class too, but no. You should tell her to kiss your cobra! Love that phrase!

Nowheymama said...

You *should* teach a class!