Sunday, July 20, 2008

Tomorrow, I Love Ya, Tomorrow!

Tomorrow is a Red Letter Day! Both kids are going to all-day camp at the Y for the entire week!!! I will be dropping their shining little faces off at 8:30am, and not seeing them again until around 5!!! I'm so excited I can't even believe it!!!! I haven't been alone like that since, um, college, I think! Woohoo!!!!!!!

While I fully intend to do Things That Need Doing, I also have a looong list of things that Want Doing, like a nicely-sized pile of books, a $50 gift card to Marshall's, info on two places to take dogs to swim that are nearby, and a ginormous list of blog postings that I got waaaay behind on while I was in the hospital and was so intimidated by that I still haven't dared really look at my RSS page. Tomorrow, dear friends, I will emerge from blogger darkness and comment, comment, comment!!!

First order of business, though, is to clean the house. Now, hear me out - if I do it first thing, I will have a pleasant-smelling, tidy, guilt-free experience the rest of the week. If I wait, the mess will only bother me and diminish my fun until I do it. I'm not talking major, deep cleaning here, at least not at first, just vacuuming (which with a four-story house is a job in itself, frankly) and dusting the living room. Since I'll be alone, it'll take me two hours, tops, to get the place where I can stand being totally lazy in it, and from then on, I'm golden! Hee hee hee!!!

This is really a warm-up for school for me (although their day at camp will actually be longer than a regular school day). They start Aug 20th, which is what, about four weeks from now, meaning once camp is over, it's a three-week downhill slide to MAJOR peace and quiet. OMG, it's so delicious, I can hardly stand it!!!! I've been at home with the kids since before Patrick was born, actually almost literally six years from the day they will start school, and of course had Josie three years before THAT, so I'm due for some serious relaxation. People ask me all the time what I'm going to do when school starts, and I very honestly tell them that I don't know. I mean, I plan on volunteering at the school a lot, and I volunteer to take care of babies for the MOPS group our church runs for the community, but other than that, I have no committments. I'm not going back to work, at least not yet, unless I can find something that's only a few mornings a week and would be flexible for school schedules (and when I do THAT, I will ride the pig that will simultaneously fly out of my ass to work every morning to save gas). I have a girlfriend that works in a school lunch kitchen, but I SOOOO don't want to do that. Growing up, I went to work with my grandmother, who was a GIGANTIC bitch (trust me, my mother and I lived with her, so I know what I'm talking about), every morning at my elementary school's kitchen, where she was head cook, and I have terrible memories of the entire school lunchroom process. Also, since I don't typically allow my kids to BUY lunch at the school (since when did fried cheese sticks constitute a main dish?!?!), it would seem terribly hypocritical to work there. What I'd really like is to be a library aide or something at the school. THAT would be fun. Books all day, and kids in measured doses. I don't know if schools hire people to do that kind of thing, though.

Anyway, back to my blissful week. I will try not to brag too much, or rub your noses in it. If it makes you feel any better, we will not be taking a vacation this summer, AGAIN, because we're always too broke to manage it, so this is what I'm getting. My big splurge will be going to see Batman at some point. My DH is sick with jealousy over that one, but hey - HE gets to go out to lunch with ADULTS whenever he wants, so he can go suck an egg.


Kelsey said...

I am really envious. Obviously I wouldn't trade my children, but being home with a three-year-old and an infant is the opposite of peace and quiet!

Obviously (again) I'm glad that we are all safe and healthy, but when I had to go on bed rest and my son came nearly two months early I felt so cheated out of the self time I was supposed to have while my daughter was in preschool. She started in January and instead of having four months of four mornings a week to myself, I got three weeks.

You are going to have a GREAT week!

Swistle said...

Oh, MAN. That is going to be SO AWESOME!

Creative Kerfuffle said...

green w/ envy here at your week of bliss and then the peace and quiet when school starts : )
i totally get the clean the house first thing though, get it out of the way so you can enjoy your week. and, i don't know what type of books you read, but if you haven't read the other boleyn girl, do it this week. it's awesome.

Kristin.... said...

Sigh. Jealous. So jealous. Sigh.

what more can I say.

Have fun!