Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Grocery Roundup, April 14

Today's trip to the grocery store was a flying one. I had just over half an hour to get through my whole list, check out, and get to the school! I got the slowest cashier ever, although in her defense she was new, who wanted to look over every. single. coupon. I had. I wanted to grab them from her and scan them myself! But I didn't. As a result, I was the next-to-last parent at pickup, and got berated by the kids for being 'late', but whatareyagonnado? At least it's done for awhile.

Coupons are getting harder to find. The Washington Post has stopped carrying them altogether, and with Easter there were none in the local paper this week, either. Sigh. I'm going to check if the Baltimore Sun still has them, and maybe start getting that delivered. I cancelled the Post, since without coupons, and their mangling of Book World (which is now hidden in the Outlook section, and only discusses nonfiction books on a single topic each week, BORING), since it wasn't worth it to me anymore. Hello, papers who are doing badly shouldn't cancel things that make people want to buy them!!! Also, the latest P&G coupon flier had about a million coupons for razors in it of various kinds (how much are people shaving out there, anyway?! sheesh!!), and a lot LOT of coupons expired on 3/31. After this trip, I have not very many left. Crap. My new computer can't print to my printer, because the printer is old and Vista doesn't have a driver for it. We do have a newer printer downstairs, so I'm probably going to have to find the cd for that and install it on my machine so I can start printing them out again. (I know, I say that all the time, but this time I'm really gonna DO it.)


Items Purchased: 57
Coupons Used: 33
Coupon Savings: 22.84
Bonus Coupons: 3.30
Store Card Savings: 22.84 (yes, the exact same amount - is that weird or what?!)
Percent Saved: 23%
Total Dollars Saved: $48.98
Amount Spent: 166.36

This was an easier trip, since we're still coasting along on the meats I bought on that big sale awhile ago, and we didn't get any shampoo, etc. I did splurge and get a few frozen meals, including my new favorite frozed baked four-cheese ravioli. Yum.


Hotch Potchery said...

Do you ever have trouble using printed coupons? I see a bunch, but I never print them assuming they won't work.

Not Your Aunt B said...

Way to go! We have had slim pickings for coupons here too unless you want a freezer full of Pilsbury items. Luckily the new Target opened up and they are doing $5 off a $75 grocery purchase plus having some of the basics (like eggs and milk) for dirt cheap. I do need to look into online coupons.

Sherendipity said...

I'm with Hotch, I'm afraid to use printed coupons for fear of rejection at the cashier. We're not big coupon shoppers in Ontario and therefore I just assume the cashiers aren't big coupon takers, either.
What's the ravioli brand? Good frozen dinners are hard to come by.

Also, if you recall my last blog post and your comment....it's totally not you!! Never, never, never.


Anonymous said...

I agree with you on the coupons. There were great ones a couple weeks ago (first of the month), then last week nothing. & what IS up with all the razor coupons? They're taking over the world!!!

Stimey said...

Have I directed you to my friend Heather at Penny Possibilities yet? She's all about coupons and grocery roundups and stuff. Plus she's cool.