Thursday, March 11, 2010

It's Official!

I got this in the mail yesterday afternoon:

I'm in!

To be honest, I had already thought that I had been accepted, based on other mailings I've gotten, but this one seems to be the most official, AND it confirms that I do, in fact, only need to complete what I'm currently taking at the community college in order to get full admission status.

There are still a few questions I have about the rest of the letter, though. First, they still have my requirements screwed up - math and writing are off the list, but they took off science, too! Only psych is listed now. ??? Obviously, I'm not dropping it, because meteorology's kind of cool and also because nothing would make them notice a problem faster than my thinking it no longer existed! The other thing is, I need to have the transcript to them by April 15? Um, the semester doesn't end until May 3. I won't have a final grade before then, I'm assuming, even if I forge ahead and finish everything up (which I can do, since it's so do-what-you-feel-as-long-as-you-finish). So, I'll have to email and ask wtf is up with that. Maybe they just want proof that I'm registered, since I remember them saying something about your being able to finish the requirements concurrently with the first semester of grad school, which would seem ridiculous since it's already a 12-credit load.

Still! It seems so REAL now!

The more time goes by, and the more classes I sub in, the more insanely jealous I am of people with their own classrooms. I've done two half-days this week in two different schools, and I just ache to actually have my own place. Subbing is rough. One school I went to is one that I don't enjoy going to, because everyone there is really, really unfriendly to subs; they actually called my house looking for me because it was 8:03 and I wasn't there (I was stuck in the car line out front), and THEN the classroom teacher commented 'oh, I was starting to think no one was coming' when I walked into the room a few minutes later after plowing through all the main office stuff you have to do. The school day doesn't start until 8:30! That's the same place I went to and everyone in the teacher's lounge just stared at me at lunch time at the beginning of the year and wouldn't talk to me. Total bitches. They treat you just like I remember being treated when I worked at Dairy Queen - like you're an idiot who can't be trusted to understand perameters of intelligent behavior and are completely unworthy of respect.

Next year at this time, I'll be putting together my portfolio and applying for actual jobs again, for the first time in ... I can't even remember how long. I don't count the interview I went on with school district, because they hire everyone who isn't a convicted felon. Even my last 'real' job at the defense contractor I didn't have to apply for, because I started there as a temp and just ended up staying for the next five years. That means it's been... since 1998. I can't wait to get started!!!!!


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Sarah said...

Congratulations, that's so exciting, it really is.

arbee said...

Congratulations!!! :)

d e v a n said...

Lots of exciting things to come!

Kristin.... said...

I never had any doubt! You're very driven!

creative kerfuffle said...

congratulations! you are going to be one awesome teacher!

Not Your Aunt B said...

CONGRATS! So happy for you! Wishing you only the best in your graduate program!