Tuesday, December 1, 2009


In the holiday category:

My favorite decoration is my Christmas village. I enjoy my little neighborhood WAY too much. See?

This year, it's in the dining room on the folding tables, where I get to see it all the time. I made the skirt to velcro on around the bottom (thank you, Mr. Glue Gun), which I think is a huge improvement, too. It has street lights, shrubs with lights, people who actually skate, and, new this year, Santa and the reindeer on top of the Smithsonian (I put little lights on them, so you can see the sleigh, on the right). I think I like it so much because, deep down, I would love to have lived when things were all mufflers-and-sleighs. Sigh.

In the school category:

Took my third trig exam today on the most blisteringly-horrible chapter EVER. I had trouble logging in, and the 60-something testing lab staff person actually ROLLED HER EYES at me when I questioned her comment of 'you'll have to go down to the lab to try and log in with your password down there to find out what your password it, but you can't leave'. huh??? That comment was wrong on so many levels, it's a wonder my head didn't explode. I was so pissed by that point that I couldn't let it go by. I looked at her and said, 'Did you just roll your eyes at me?!' really loudly. She was embarrassed, and stopped being such a bee-yotch. Then the manager came over and helped; really, all I needed was someone to give me the password to get into the exam. Someone had obviously used her Fixodent to spackle the wrong hole.

I ended up with an 85%, but only because I'm pretty good at eliminating choices based on sign and probability. I can't believe I did that well. There were TWENTY ONE formulas in this chapter, and they're all pre-calc, so they make no sense at all until you actually get to calc, which is a place I'm SO not going. One last exam left. If I can manage a 79 on the last test, I'll still get an A in the class.

In the matching category:

ALL THE KIDS ARE MATCHED WITH SUPPORTING FAMILIES!!!!!!! Last night, I got three more people who wanted to take on children, and that was all I needed!!!!! What really did it was that my friend Kristi's mom is in a local women's group, and the family they have supported in the past has moved away, so they took on the five-child family, plus they're giving them store and grocery gift cards as well. I could have CRIED when I heard that.

In the soft and cuddly department:

That's my soft and fuzzy Brown Dog. :) Mmwah!


LoriD said...

I love your little Dickens Village - what is it about miniatures that are so intriguing?

Way to go on your family-matching project and your trig exam. You should be very proud of yourself on both accounts.

creative kerfuffle said...

your village is very cool and yes, i too would like to live in that era : ) heck, even in little house on the prairie times, so long as i didn't have to be ma and work so hard : ) hooray for matching the families and OMG you rock on the trig thing! i love that you just flat out asked the woman if she rolled her eyes at you. i suspect she's used to bullying 18-21 yr olds and doesn't really know how to behave around grown ups.

Anonymous said...

"Someone had obviously used her Fixodent to spackle the wrong hole." BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Kristin.... said...

Your village is awesome! I would love to live there with you. Something so charming about it all. I will have to wait until the children are older for something so nice as that.

Congrats on the family-matching project! I knew you could do it!

desperate housewife said...

1- I love the village. I want to be shrunk so I can play in it.
2- I am so impressed you're surviving math classes. Go you!
3- That's so great all the families got matched!
4- I sure hope I'm not a crotchety, nasty, CLEARLY CONFUSED ABOUT THE CONCEPT OF PASSWORDS old woman.