Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Baaad Blogger!

No, I haven't fallen off the face of the earth, it just looks that way.

I thought, as I do every year, that once school was over, I would be able to relax and stop running around like a madwoman driving the kids to and fro.

As I am every year, I was MISTAKEN.

One thing we didn't do, though, was go to Josie's last soccer game of the season, which was supposed to be this past weekend. I'm sorry, but why if schools are closing because of the heat, and all the news stations are recommending that people stay indoors do they schedule make-up games for kids' sports teams?! I mean, it was literally over 100 degrees on Saturday, and she was supposed to play at 2pm. There is no shade, and she plays goalie, meaning that she would be wearing an EXTRA shirt on top of her regular jersey. Um, no. She was annoyed with me at first, but when I reminded her that she, like me, gets heat stroke easily and so could choose between playing and then having a headache and diarrhea for two days or going to the pool for the afternoon and feeling just great afterwards, she came around pretty quickly. I know some kids' coaches get really mad about things like that, players skipping out on games, but I really don't care, especially since we hadn't missed a game the whole season. There's a reason the season is supposed to end by June 1st.

Something we did do, though, that was pretty cool was go on a tour of a local potato chip factory yesterday with a friend's playgroup. Unfortunately, the place wasn't air conditioned, but it was still fun. We got to see cheesy poofs and chips being made from start to finish, and it was like being inside an episode of How It's Made on Discovery Channel! Plus, we got to sample straight-from-the-oven chips, which should just be ILLEGAL, they're so yummy. Thank goodness I don't know how to make THOSE at home, because if I did, I'd need a semi to haul my ass around!

We've also gone to the pool several times. We have a membership to the local community pool, which only cost $120 for the family for the entire summer because I bought it at early-bird rates. There's a diving board and two slides there, and since both kids swim really well they get a lot of use out of them. It's so funny to see Patrick swimming along; he kind of sticks his butt up and kicks really fast so his suit bubbles up and looks like two puffer fish duking it out. Too funny. Today we also went to a different pool in another town where a friend of mine lives, and there was a slide, a regular diving board, and a high dive platform. Josie went off the high one about ten times!!!!! I couldn't believe it!!!! The first time she chickened out and backed down the ladder, but after that, booyah! I would NEVER have done that, I'm way too wussy. Yes, I have just been shown up by my little girl, but I think that's how it's *supposed* to be.

We also had a security alarm installed last week because apparently there was a break-in somewhere up the street and the company was hoping to drum up business by giving a few houses that sit on corners free systems and installations! So, we got four door alarms, two glass-break alarms, free remotes and the keypad, all wireless, for free! That was pretty nice. Unfortunately, I learned this weekend that the dogs barking at the mail carrier sets off the glass-break alarm. Dang.

I also called our fencing company and told them that if they can't give me an exact date when they're coming, that after waiting SEVEN WEEKS for them to show up, I'm going to want my deposit check back. Seriously, SEVEN WEEKS. Damn.


Kristin.... said...

Not a bad blogger. A mom. With kids. Who do STUFF!

Your kids are out of school already? My oldest goes until 6/24 to make up for all the snow days we had. Seriously, I was in that school today and just about melted. I don't know how they can concentrate. Her softball ends this weekend. Glad for that!

desperate housewife said...

I can't believe the crap they expect kids to put up with re: sports. My husband is a girls high school soccer coach, and I'm always like, "Hon, they're girls! They have periods and cramps and mood swings out the wazoo- you have to ACCOMODATE!" And he's like, "They're ATHLETES. This is what they signed on for." Blech. Count me out.